Wednesday, October 16, 2013

MCH students take on technology

From left: Karen Cryer, Tristan, Dusty
Two Waco campus youth are getting valuable work experience in information technology this semester through student positions in the MCH technology department. Dusty and Tristan began their jobs in August when IT department staff members Michael Baxley and Karen Cryer contacted MCH’s student events coordinator to get part-time student support.

Dusty and Tristan help IT by formatting, cleaning off data and removing hard drives from old computers. They also accompany IT staff on service requests around campus.

“They are doing really well at this job,” Cryer said. “They both work fast and have a strong interest in computers and electronics.  There will be opportunities for Dusty and Tristan to get some real hands-on experience as the technology department takes on more projects."

Dusty said he had minimal computer experience when he started the job but is learning a lot and enjoys the job.

“It is laid back and they let us do our job and trust that we will get it done,” Dusty said.

Dusty and Tristan have been roommates at MCH for almost three years and said they work well together. Tristan came to the position with a basic knowledge of computers.

“It has been a good opportunity to learn,” he said. “I want to go to college for graphic design so this experience will help me.”  

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