Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Heart O’ Texas Fair and Rodeo 2016

Methodist Children’s Home (MCH) was well represented in this year’s Heart O’ Texas Fair and Rodeo livestock show. The FFA chapter from the MCH charter school, operated in partnership with University of Texas – University Charter School on the Waco campus, had students showing four steers, seven swine, two hair sheep, three goats and six market lambs.

The livestock show ran from Oct. 1-16 at the Extraco Show Pavilion at the Extraco Events Center in Waco. The FFA students worked with their animals for eight weeks, spending two-and-a-half hours a week with them during class time. Steve Kruse, Ag teacher at the charter school, was proud of the efforts of his students competing in a large show with minimal experience with their animals. He said out of 22 students, only eight had previously showed the same type of animal.

Here are the results:
Steers:  Nick - 5th, Kel - 5th, Galen - 6th, Laura - 6th
Swine:  Julio - 2nd, Brandon - 3rd, Danny - 5th, Chris - 6th; also participating - Kyra, Noah, Yacci
Goats:  participating - Selena, Edwina, Tamika
Lambs:  Iona - 9th, Marisa - 10th, Rainn - 7th, Akia - 11th; participating - Jaelyne, Iyahnna, Kiayani, Gail

“I want our students to place well and win like everyone else that shows, but I feel like we did win in so many other ways,” Kruse said. “Each and every student had to train the animal, pass all classes, learn how to show, and get out of bed very early to go and exhibit. As far as teaching life skills, we had many champions this week.”

Click here to visit our photo gallery of the event.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Core Value Award for Relationships - Ramonia Ross

Methodist Children’s Home (MCH) annually recognizes staff who exemplify our Core Values. Staff are nominated by their peers and recognized at an all-staff meeting.

The Core Values for MCH are:
Christian Principles

Ramonia Ross, case manager for the MCH Family Outreach office in Houston, received the 2016 Core Award for Relationships at the all-staff meeting in September. The recipient for the Core Award for Relationships is someone who builds healthy relationships through communication, respect, trust and love.

According to Ross’s nomination, “Ramonia is an amazing individual who exemplifies all our core values in her daily life without even having to try. She has a beautiful spirit and is definitely a servant leader. She offers ‘service and hope’ to not only her clients, but to her co-workers and everyone who plays a role in ensuring that our office runs efficiently. She is genuinely kind, considerate, and compassionate to the maintenance workers in our building, cleaning crew, her clients, as well as each of her co-worker’s clients. Ramonia has a servant’s heart with a gleaming personality and Southern charm that shines a light on everything that she does and everyone who is blessed to come in contact with her. It is truly an honor having an opportunity to work with Ramonia. She always shines a light on those around her, and even if you have lost all hope, she manages to make you feel humbly blessed to know that there is always hope not matter what the situation. Ramonia takes the time to establish healthy relationships with every member of the families she works with through communication, respect, trust and love. Ramonia’s care and compassion for all around her is contagious and spreads a feeling of desire to take the extra step to help others. All of her clients easily develop a sense of trust with her because she allows them to gain a feeling of hope for their futures as well as the futures of the children that we all serve.”

“It was such a surprise and very much an honor to receive the Core Value Award for Relationships,” said Ross. “I love being a part of MCH and what we represent as an agency. I am also very blessed to be a part of the Houston Outreach office. It is my home away from home, and the respect and support we have for each other plays a vital part in how we function as a team. I am truly grateful for my seven years with the agency and hope to experience many more.”

Veronica Whalon-Peters, of MCH Family Outreach in Houston, and Ross’s supervisor, had this to share: “Ramonia has been a pleasure to work with. She genuinely cares for children and families and constantly supports the MCH mission. She exemplifies the MCH Core Values in her daily work and interactions with everyone.”  

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Core Value Award for Christian Principles - Brooke Davilla

Methodist Children’s Home (MCH) annually recognizes staff who exemplify our Core Values. Staff are nominated by their peers and recognized at an all-staff meeting.

The Core Values for MCH are:
Christian Principles

Brooke Davilla, director of MCH Family Outreach in Waco, received the 2016 Core Award for Christian Principles at the all-staff meeting in September. The recipient of the Core Award for Christian Principles is someone who applies the principles of the Christian faith which serve as the foundation for this ministry.

According to Davilla’s nomination, “Even though I do not work with Brooke on a day-to day basis, I have had the honor and privilege of working alongside her in various workgroups and on specific assignments. I have never known her to speak a negative word of another person or situation. She clearly serves from a deep place of calling and purpose and models the love and servanthood of Christ in a beautiful and humble way. It is not unusual to receive a random card in the mail or email in your inbox in which she expresses her gratitude and a word of encouragement. She goes above and beyond to make sure those around her feel supported, appreciated and valuable. She is a bright spot in not only the outreach department, but in all of MCH. She truly lives out servant leadership. She had been a true blessing to me on more than one occasion and I am certain I am not the only one. I always come away from an encounter with Brooke feeling encouraged and listened to. I am so grateful for her! She is an incredible example of the core value of Christian Principles.”

Traci Wagner, program administrator and Davilla’s supervisor had this to share: “Brooke is an asset to MCH in her role of Waco Outreach Director. I am blessed to work alongside her. I was so glad to see her recognized for the work she does that impacts children and families in the Waco community and surrounding areas.”

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Growth to continue at MCH

The leadership of Methodist Children’s Home (MCH) is pleased to announce the funds have been secured to complete two additional homes on the Waco campus.

“We are excited that the campaign has been well received by so many of our supporters, staff, Alumni and friends,” said Tim Brown, President/CEO. “The short amount of time it has taken to raise this $5.2 million is evidence that this plan for the 21st century home for our children is resonating with donors and our supporters. I am pleased to visit with the young ladies and staff living in the Daniels Home and hear how much they enjoy the new home.”

The Daniels Home
In addition to building the Daniels Home which was dedicated in June of this year, the capital campaign involves the closure and demolition of the West Home and Scharbauer-Thomas Home in order to build the two new homes that will be named after the main contributors, the Mabee Home and Hilliard Home.

The West Home was a gift from Mrs. J.M. West of Houston, in memory of her husband, Jim West. The Scharbauer-Thomas Home, was a gift from lifelong friends, Mrs. Phil Scharbauer of Midland, and Mrs. Alma Thomas of Austin and was given in memory of their husbands. These homes have blessed countless children, staff and supporters over the years and we are grateful for the generosity of these families.

 “This is truly an exciting time at MCH,” Brown said. “Throughout the history of this organization there have been times when changes have been made for the betterment of the ministry and to ensure MCH was ready to meet the ever-changing needs of children, youth and families. We know God is blessing this ministry.”

FFA students attend festival for veterans

Future Farmers of America (FFA) students of Methodist Children’s Home School (MCHS) spent the afternoon at the Waco VA Medical Center for its annual Farm Festival and Carnival. MCHS was one of four schools to attend the event; other local schools present were China Spring, Robinson and Crawford. This was the first time MCHS was invited to attend the event.

Each year the VA hospital invites schools to visit the campus during the festival and bring along animals. Galen, Marisa, Laura, and Noah along with teacher Steve Kruse represented MCHS FFA and brought along a steer, two goats, two pigs, two sheep, two quail, and three chickens to show to the crowd of veterans and employees. Students had the opportunity to visit with veterans and share information about their animals throughout the afternoon.

The Waco Farm Festival and Carnival was held in the inner circle of the medical center. Along with visiting the students with their animals, veterans were treated to lunch, games, live music and other activities. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

MCH Family Outreach and youth work together to volunteer in Waco

Methodist Children’s Home (MCH) youth volunteered alongside our MCH Family Outreach in Waco and transitional services staff last weekend at the “Just Between Friends” consignment sale at the Extraco Events Center in Waco, Texas.

“Just Between Friends” provides quality goods at a great price to the community. They utilize their platform to promote local charities such as MCH Family Outreach. At the end of the sale any items not sold are identified as donations and given to local charities. In return MCH Family Outreach provides volunteers to assist with post breakdown, sorting and donation gathering.

“This volunteer experience allows our youth and staff to come together as an MCH family to work on a greater project that gives back to our community,” said Brook Davilla, director of MCH Family Outreach in Waco.

The donations are brought back to the MCH Family Outreach building and placed in the family resource closet. The resource closet allows families participating in MCH services to select items such as clothing, toys and bedding.

“The family resource closet was lovingly decorated a few years ago by a local girl scout,” added Davilla. “We hope we can provide a way to meet our families’ needs in a way that is filled with dignity and respect.”

Any items not utilized through current participants in case management or parent education, are also shared with local agency partners such as Care Net, Acts Church, Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and children and local after school programs.

“One day a local church asked us if we had any little girls clothing for two sisters who were in need,” said Cathy Lawless, administrative secretary for MCH Family Outreach in Waco. “We welcomed the church to bring the girls so that they could select their own clothing and have a ‘shopping spree.’ It was a joy to witness the excitement of the girls as they shopped. To be able to meet tangible needs of families in a way that is honoring and fun for them is a daily blessing.”

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Daniels Home welcomes visitors

Dr. Jack Kyle Daniels tells stories about his time at MCH
to the girls at the new Daniels Home.
The construction is complete, the furniture is in place, and the students and staff are now settled into their new home. On Aug. 15, the residents and staff of the Dr. Jack Kyle and Evelyn Daniels Home held an open house to introduce their new house to other MCH staff and students. Visitors toured the rooms and enjoyed refreshments as they experienced the new layout design.

“The open house at the new Daniels Home was an amazing experience,” said Charlsie Whitney, Waco campus administrator. “I, personally, was so moved by the positive responses of the staff and youth who visited during the occasion. I am also very proud of the ownership that the residents have taken of their new home. I think it has exceeded all of our expectations, and we are very grateful for every person who made it possible.”
The Daniels Home is the first component of a broader capital campaign in which state-of-the-art homes will be built to better meet the needs of the youth served by MCH. The new home incorporates design elements to encourage more interaction while also providing added feelings of safety for residents as well as apartments for home parents. Bethany Parrott, unit manager for the Daniels Home, said her staff and residents are enjoying the new design.

“We love living in the new Daniels Home!” said Parrott. “It’s given the girls and the staff an environment that feels more like home. The girls have enjoyed decorating their rooms and having their own space. The open concept has allowed for us to spend more time together playing cards at the dinner table or having conversations around the kitchen bar. We are very happy to live in this new home.”

On Wednesday, Aug. 17, the home’s namesake, Dr. Jack Kyle and Evelyn Daniels, visited the Waco campus bringing along their daughter Lyn, her husband Mike and son Cole. After touring the Visitors Center at the Perkins Heritage Home, the family went to see the Daniels Home. It was the first time their daughter had seen the home and the first time Dr. and Mrs. Daniels had seen the home fully furnished.

“We were delighted with the furnishings and the bright colors which make a very comfortable home,” Dr. Daniels said. “We had a good time visiting with the residents and the home parents and learning a bit about the girls’ experiences at MCH.

“We are still overwhelmed with the honor of having the building named for us and welcomed a glimpse of the benefits that will come to the present and future residents of the Daniels Home,” he added. “We pray daily for MCH and have hearts full of gratitude for our lifetime relationship with so great a ministry.”

Staff welcomed visitors during the Open House for the Daniels Home.