Thursday, November 14, 2013

Physics for the thrill seekers

MCH physics students experienced exciting twists and turns and used their creativity during the recent roller coaster project at Methodist Children’s Home School. Teacher Angie Hammond developed the hands-on project as a way to teach her students the concepts of force, motion and energy.

For the project, students were challenged to create a thrilling roller coaster that will satisfy customers of Six Flags amusement park who wish for more exciting rides.  The students worked as a group to design a roller coaster and prepare a presentation for a team of scientists serving as Six Flags’ Board of Directors.

Students created their roller coasters using pipe insulation and tested out the tracks using a marble. The marble must stay on the track throughout the ride and come to a complete stop at the end. The team calculated the speed, acceleration, potential and kinetic energy on various spots on the track. Each team came up with a creative design incorporating twists, turns and loops to complete a thrilling ride.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Testing the Power of Persuasion

Sierra (left) and Wilmaniece
Sierra and Wilmaneice, both seniors at the MCH School, are taking a dual credit course in Sociology at McLennan Community College. They developed a research project for their class on how behavior affects other people.

Michelle Arocha, MCH School vice principal, said the girls developed and carried out the study on their own.

“Sierra and Wilmaneice are doing a research project on the power of persuasion and peer pressure,” Arocha said. “They selected the students for the study, created a spreadsheet to document their information, created the materials for their study and are in charge of calling students to the class. We are providing supervision for students getting to and from the room in which the study is taking place, but the girls have organized and done everything else on their own.”

During the experimental part of the research project, the girls called 14 students individually into a classroom with the control group of students to ask them a series of questions. The control group consisted of three students, with a total group of four students during each session. The control group was instructed to give the same, intentionally incorrect answer during each session. The fourth student was asked the same questions and his or her responses were recorded.

“We are testing to see if the students in the experimental group will submit to the others’ answers or stay true to their answer,” Wilmaneice said.

After the series of questions, the researchers told the students in the experimental group the purpose of the study and asked them why they chose the answers they did. Some of the responses were as follows.

“I didn’t want to be different,” said one student who gave the same answers as the control group.

“Because it was the right answer,” said another student who answered correctly, regardless of the control group’s answers.

Sierra and Wilmaneice said they chose the control group based on who they thought would be the most cooperative, is the most well-known, and who other students may be inclined to follow. The results were varied and the project overall was a success.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Core Value Award for Responsibility - Phil and Mae Smith

Phil and Mae Smith, homeparents at the Boys Ranch, received the Core Award for Responsibility.  The Smiths are positive role models and provide leadership that is essential for the development of youth.  They do not shy away from working with “youth from hard places” and strive to create intentional, deep, nurturing relationships with all the youth that pass through their doors.
The Smiths truly recognize their responsibility to teach compassion through generosity and care for others.  Due to this belief they feel youth can work through their own pain in their lives by giving back to others, so they provide opportunities for them to be involved in many service projects in our community.   

Chuck Russell, former Ranch administrator had this to share about the Smiths, “Phil and Mae exemplify the importance of teamwork and are respected by their peers.  They encourage the boys to do their very best and take time to ensure their needs are met.  They often are contacted by former youth which attests to their relationships with our youth.”

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Family Outreach in Tyler Continues to be an Active Member of the East Texas Network for Children

Twenty-six years ago, twenty representatives of East Texas public and private agencies met to consider how to enhance communication and client services for the children and families of the area. From those meetings, the East Texas Network for Children (ETNC) was established.

The collaborative tradition continues in an annual conference where more than 300 professionals and foster parents come together each Fall to exchange ideas, share perspectives and enlarge their repertoire of resources.

MCH is a proud member of the ETNC. MCH Eastern Regional Administrator, Traci Wagner, currently serves as the ETNC Board Vice President. The 25th annual ETNC conference was held on September 16-17 at Colonial Hills Baptist Church in Tyler, Texas.

Pictured (l to r) in front of the MCH information table at the 2013 conference are staff from the MCH Family Outreach office in Tyler: Traci Wagner, eastern regional administrator; Holli Collins, outreach director; Suzy King, case manager; Jessica Johnson, case manager; Philana Hollingsworth, case manager; and Latasha Hickman, case manager.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall Festival and Senior Ring Ceremony 2013

On Sunday, November 3, youth from the Waco campus and Boys Ranch attended the 2013 Fall Festival.  The event was held in the pavilion at the Boys Ranch and hosted by the recreation and spiritual development staff.  

The morning began with a worship service and presentation of senior rings to our May graduates.  Lunch was then served by the Student Advisory Board.  The day continued with activities that included face painting, Frisbee toss, “horse rides,” pie toss and plinko to name a few.

This event is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our seniors, and for youth, their families and staff to continue building relationships.

Thank you to the staff that helped make the event a success! 

To view photos from the Fall Festival, visit our photo gallery on the MCH website

Friday, November 1, 2013

Homecoming 2013

Methodist Children’s Home Bulldogs took on the Brazos Valley Christian Home Educators Association (BVCHEA) for the Homecoming game on Friday, October 25.  Before the game, staff and youth came together to cheer on the team during a pep rally that included performances by the drum line and cheerleaders.  Students received candy and face painting of a paw print at the pep rally.  Fans also participated in a tailgate party that offered food and fellowship for all.

The homecoming court included Savannah, Dominique, Noel, Emily, Wilmaneice and Chelsea. Emily was crowned as Homecoming Queen with Savannah chosen as Homecoming Princess. 

The Bulldogs won the game 95-46 to give them an undefeated record of 8-0.  Visit our Facebook page for more pictures from Homecoming.omecomingH