Thursday, October 25, 2012

Family Day

Team 2 on the Waco Campus held its fall Family Day on October 21. According to Chuck Russell, campus administrator, the event was a great success with a total of 64 family members in attendance.

MCH hosted an open house and workshop where parents and families learned more about MCH’s programs and services, including TBRI techniques. Families also participated in several nurture group activities, such as giving each other band aids (giving and receiving nurture), feeding each other (giving and receiving care), making Thanksgiving placemats (which teaches the Life Skills of Listen and Learn, Build Trusting Relationships, and Show Respect) among others.

“We also provided supper for our families and this year I delivered 71 pizzas,” Chuck said.  “Boy, was my car hot! But it was good times for all of our families.  We have received many compliments from family members stating how much they enjoyed their time at MCH. We are looking forward to our spring Family Day.”

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Heart of Texas Fair & Rodeo – More Competition Results

Methodist Children’s Home won first place in sweepstakes for their Agricultural Mechanics projects, beating out eleven other schools in the competition. Many MCH youth also received ribbons for showing swine and lamb during the livestock show at the Heart of Texas Fair & Rodeo last week.

The MCH youth submitted 20 total projects into the Ag mechanics competition and came out with several first place awards. Below is a listing of the final results:

1st place Grand Division:  Ian, Cedric and Dakota - Deer feeder class (blue quality); Ian - Shop light class (blue)
1st place Reserve Division: Jimmy, Cedric and Dakota - Bunk feeder class (blue)
1st place Reserve Champion: Andrew - barbeque class (red)
1st place:  Ian, Molech and Fransico - Hay trailer class (red); Ian - Furrowing crate class (red); Ian - Hay fork class (red)
2nd place: Shop class - Gate class (red); Shop class - Goat hauler class (red)
3rd place: Shop class - Fire pit class (red); Molech - 5x8 trailer class (white)
Additional entries: Blue quality – Shop table class (Shop class), Cedar swing class (Mathew, Jimmy), Picnic table class (Shop class), Cutting board class (Kandaja), Box class (Jimmy); Red quality – Swing (Shop class); White quality – Crab boil class (Shop class), Horn barbeque class (Shop class)

The following are the results from the swine and lamb categories: Swine – Guillermo, 4th place, York Class 2; Steven, 5th place, Duroc Division Class 2; Kevin, 5th place, Cross Class 4; Michael, 5th place, Cross Class 3; Bernardo, 5th place, Cross Class 1; James, 6th place, Cross Class 1; and Jordan, 4th place, Hampshire Class 1; Lamb – Mario, Southdown, Medium Wool; and Kandaja, Finewool Cross.

Three MCH students also placed in free contests: Guillermo, 1st place, Glue a Shoe Contest; Brandon, 2nd place, Pumpkin Carving; Lloyd, 1st place, Pumpkin Carving; Diego, 1st place, Best of Tex Mex Contest.

Click here to view more photos from the Heart of Texas Fair & Rodeo. Congratulations to all our MCH participants for this impressive showing!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Heart of Texas Fair & Rodeo – Creative Arts Awards

MCH youth showcased their talents last week at the Heart of Texas Fair & Rodeo and received several awards in the Creative Arts competition. Our students brought home a multitude of ribbons for their submissions into several categories including photography, artwork, baked goods and needlework.

Congratulations to the following awarded students: NEEDLEWORK - Lloyd, 1st place, crocheted scarf; PHOTOGRAPHY - Dalton, honorable mention, sunrise; Brandon, 3rd place and honorable mention, flowers; Mike, 1st place and 5th place, rocks, sunflower; Jon, 3rd place, clouds/sunset, bird with eggs; Devin, 1st place and 4th place, bird nest with eggs, architectural design; Jericho, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place, bird/fish, swan, landscape; BAKED GOODS - Jayden, 2nd place, chocolate chip cookies; Damion, 4th place, white chocolate chip cookies; Mario, 2nd place, chocolate brownie cookies; ARTWORKDavid, 1st place and 2nd place, mixed media, colored pencil; Noel, honorable mention, clouds/sunset/birds; Dustin, honorable mention, lizard; Ian, 1st place and 4th place; Thomas the Train, horse; Michael, 4th place and honorable mention, sunset, duck; staff member Sue LeMay, 3rd place and 4th place, Colorado trees and train.

We are proud of all our participating students for their hard work!

Heart of Texas Livestock Show - Steer Competition

MCH youth made a strong showing in the steer competition to open the 2012 Heart of Texas Livestock Show Saturday. Seven students in MCH's FFA program showed eight calves. "This was a new experience for the students and the cattle," said Steve Kruse, Ag Science teacher at the University of Texas-University Charter School. "None of the students had shown a calf before. I feel like we all learned a lot and had a successful outing."

We want to congratulate the following students who participated in the steer competition: Lloyd, 3rd place, Simmental Division; Dalton, 4th place, AOB Division; Lonnie, 9th place, Limousin Division; Brandon, 11th place, Chianina Division; Jon, 12th place, Chianina Division; Dalton, 9th place, Charloasis Division; Chelsey, 2nd place, Beef Heifer AOB Division; and Amber, Beef Heifer AOB Division.