Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mr. J.C. Alston visits Charter School

Mr. Donald Grisham is a social studies teacher at the University of Texas – University Charter School on the Waco campus.  His class has been studying the events of World War II.  Recently he invited Mr. J.C. Alston , a veteran of WWII and a survivor of Pearl Harbor, to speak to his class.

“We read about these events in our history books and see the images of war on video, but hearing the accounts from our surviving veterans is the best references to our history. We ask our veterans to speak to our students as a way of showing our respect and honor to their service to our country,” explains Mr. Grisham.

Mr. Alston is ninety years old and now lives in Troy, Texas.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bicycles delivered to MCH

On December 15, a group of gracious volunteers from First United Methodist Church of Grapevine spent their Saturday morning delivering 106 bicycles to the MCH campuses.  Each Christmas for the past 30 years, FUMC Grapevine has rallied its members and donated bicycles to the children and youth of MCH.
“Bike Day pretty much starts our Christmas season,” said Chuck Russell, campus administrator. ”When it’s Bike Day, we know Christmas is just around the corner.”

This year, the volunteers from FUMC Grapevine stopped off at the Waxahachie campus to personally deliver 28 bicycles. The rest of the bicycles were then delivered to the Waco campus to be distributed to the Boys Ranch, Waco campus and outreach offices. FUMC Grapevine also donated 72 helmets for our youth.

These bicycles will be enjoyed by our youth all year long. Each home unit will have their own bikes to go on group outings. Cameron Park is a popular Waco campus destination while the Boys Ranch has developed their own trails along the creek and up the hill. A few extra bicycles are given to the recreation department to be used for bike rides during the year and a club that meets during the summer.

“We are extremely thankful for the bike donation each year from FUMC Grapevine,” Russell said.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Turner home unit participates in Toys for Tots

The Turner home unit at the Boys Ranch showed their holiday spirit this season by joining together to give back to the community. 

After the residents turned in their own Christmas wish lists, unit manager Sue LeMay said the group decided they wanted to make a donation to Toys for Tots.  Each resident put in at least $5 of their own money to buy gifts for children. The whole unit participated and went shopping with homeparents Clinton and Mary Ann Stone to pick out toys to donate, wrap and deliver to Toys for Tots.

Way to go Turner!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Q&A - Ian, Boys Ranch

Methodist Children’s Home will have eight graduates this month from the University of Texas – University Charter School on the Waco campus.  These graduates are from the Waco campus and Boys Ranch.  The Waxahachie campus will have two graduates.

We caught up with Ian, a senior from the Boys Ranch, to find out more.

Q: How do you feel about graduating?
A: I am a little nervous but ready.  When I first arrived at the Ranch I really needed to get back on track with my schoolwork.  I have had a lot of support from the Ranch staff to get more motivated and now I will be graduating.

Q: What are your plans for the future?
A: I will move into the MCH Independent Living house and attend Texas State Technical College. I will study diesel mechanics and continue to work at a local automotive supply store. I am glad I still have support from MCH.

Q: What is one of your best memories from the Boys Ranch?
A: It was during my first summer here.  I was in a drum class that Mr. Dishman taught.  I had been playing drums for about seven years.  He was going to be out for a week and he gave me the opportunity to teach the class while he was out. I felt so responsible and trusted. I also had a blast being able to teach a peer to play drums.  He eventually played in the Praise Band with us.  I really did appreciate that opportunity.