Friday, May 31, 2013

Bench for Dottie Briggs

Youth at the Methodist Children’s Home Boys Ranch crafted a handmade bench for Dottie Briggs, Boys Ranch administrator. Briggs is retiring after nine years of service at MCH.

“I was surprised and honored that the youth built me something. I was touched that they put that much thought and time into the project. I have the bench in a special place in my back yard to enjoy for a long time,” said Briggs.

Steve Kruse, agricultural science teacher at the University of Texas Charter School, and the youth in his class decided to use old headboards and footboards from beds at the Boys Ranch to build the bench for Briggs as a farewell gift.  Lonnie, one of the youth at the Ranch, designed the centerpiece for the bench. Kruse’s class built and painted the project as a team.

“Our staff and youth envisioned making a bench out of old beds that were once used at the Boys Ranch,” said MCH President Tim Brown.  “They took something old and made it new for Dottie. This is a great example of how we encourage staff and youth to be creative in our programming. While some people may have seen old headboards, they saw the potential for a meaningful gift that would be an  ongoing reminder to Dottie about her wonderful work at the Ranch. This is a great reminder to me of the amazing work being done each day at MCH.”

Thursday, May 30, 2013

2013 Charter School Awards

Many MCH students were recognized for their perseverance and accomplishments during the 2013 University of Texas – University Charter School Awards Assembly on May 28. Students were given certificates, plaques, letter jackets, patches and shirts for their academic achievements as well as for their participation in Ag Mechanics/FFA and athletics.

Below is a list of several recipients:

Honor Roll: Cameron, Mauricia, Wilmaniece, Noel
UIL: Alice, Crystal, Ahadu, Connor, Andrew, Emily, Rachael, Hannah, Martha, Noel
Student Council: Crystal, Tino, Dominique, Lloyd, Lonnie
FFA: Noel, Kevin, James, Jon, Amber, Maleak, Chelsey, Lloyd
Art: Marvin (Ambitious Artist – Middle School), Chelsea (Visual Artist – High School), Guillermo (Ambitious Artist – High School),Rachael (Tenacious Artist – High School), Juanita (Visual Artist – Middle School), Maegan (Tenacious Artist – Middle School)

Proficiency Awards:
Ag Mechanics Design and Fabrication – Molech
Ag Mechanics Repair and Maintenance – Lonnie
Beef Production – Lloyd
Goat Production – Patricia
Star Discovery – Maleak
Vegetable Production – Brandon
Swine Production – Guillermo
Diversified Livestock – Amber
Ranch Belt Buckles:
Cattle – Jon
Swine – Guillermo
Goat – Patricia

Bobby Gilliam Leadership in Athletics Awards:  Emily and Ty
JV Volleyball: Most Improved - Bianka, MVP - Tameeka
Varsity Volleyball: Most Improved – Tiffany, MVP – Emily
Cross Country: Most Improved – Connor, MVP – Tino
JV Football: Most Improved – Jakeema, MVP – James
Varsity Football: Most Improved – Moises, MVP – Dalton
JV Boys Basketball: Most Improved – Cameron, MVP – Stanley
Varsity Boys Basketball: Most Improved – Tyrone, MVP – Jordan and CJ
Varsity Girls Basketball: Most Improved – Ashley, MVP – Taylor
Boys Track: Most Improved – Maleak, MVP – Dennis
Girls Track: Most Improved – Jackie, MVP -  Dominique
Cheer: Most Improved – Vanessa, MVP – Makayla

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spring Photography Class

This spring MCH students explored their creative side with an after school photography class led by recreation coordinator Kimberly Bobbitt. Around 22 students participated in the weekly class.

The class was part of the recreation department’s overall goal to engage students in healthy, constructive activities after school and expose them to something they normally wouldn’t be able to do on a regular basis. With photography being one of her hobbies, Kimberly said she also wanted to share one of her passions with her students.

“My initial goal with the students was to create a class that was fun, a place for them to learn some new things about photography, and to make the class a space for the students to be creative,” Kimberly said.

During each class, the students had a short lesson followed by a mini photography project. They learned basic photography concepts such as hard and soft light, composition, techniques and different styles of photography. Kimberly said one of her most popular lessons was a light graffiti project where students learned about long exposures and used flashlights and glow sticks to draw pictures while the shutter of the camera was open. Also, the students learned about the professions of food photography and food stylists while decorating cupcakes and photographing them.

Below are a few of the photographs taken by MCH students in the photography class: 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

MCH staff attends TBRI Professional Training

Eight MCH staff members spent May 13-17 learning techniques and gaining in-depth knowledge of Trust-Based Relational Intervention. The purpose of the training in Fort Worth, hosted by the Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University, was meant to “train the trainers” and prepare our staff members to share this knowledge with current and future MCH staff.  

“This training will allow us to sustain the program and equips our staff with the tools we need to be successful with training our own staff in TBRI methods,” said Moe Dozier, Vice President for Residential Services.

Throughout the week, attendees participated in nurture groups, practiced self regulation techniques, and worked with each other to make sure all were comfortable with teaching the methods. They also heard presentations led by TBRI developers Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross as well as others from TCU. Participants were given a manual and resource material that will guide them in training others in TBRI.

“The training was excellent. Every time you hear Dr. Purvis speak, you pick up a new detail or new technique. She is pretty amazing,” said Jeff Creel, MCH campus administrator.

MCH staff who attended were Jessica Butters, Stormy Cole, Jeff Creel, Lee Davis, Tasneem Rajan, Yolanda Rodriguez, John Warren and Lesley Williams. Our staff attended on scholarships provided by TCU.

“We want to thank TCU for this partnership. They have been very generous with their expertise and time. This is just another example of how this partnership is allowing us to serve our children and youth more effectively,” Dozier said.

Dr. Karyn Purvis

Dr. David Cross

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spring Senior Sunday 2013

Methodist Children’s Home honored 26 high school seniors from its Boys Ranch, Waco and Waxahachie campuses on Senior Sunday, May 19. The soon-to-be graduates, their friends, families and MCH staff celebrated the students’ accomplishments with breakfast and a worship service at the Harrell Memorial Chapel on the Waco campus.

During the breakfast, seniors were presented with laundry baskets filled with items needed for independent living and a gift from the MCH Alumni Association. After the worship service, seniors were presented with a Bible from Tim Brown, MCH president, and Moe Dozier, vice president for residential services.

Fifteen seniors were awarded with certificates to acknowledge their accomplishments and the Core Values they achieved while at MCH. The list of awards presented and students who received them is below.

Relationship Award: Given to students who have strived to build healthy relationships with peers and staff through communication, respect, trust and love.
Congratulations Dalton, Marshall, and Ashley!

Growth Award: Given to students who have shown incredible gains in the areas of spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual development.
Congratulations Mary, Crystal, and Jessica!

Service Award: Given to students who give back to others and show compassion through generosity and care.
Congratulations Martha and Jon!

Responsibility Award: Given to students who have shown independence and accountability for themselves and others.
Congratulations Taylor, Connor, and Phillip!

Hope Award: Given to students who have overcome great adversity, have demonstrated tremendous resiliency, and have always believed in the possibilities for the future.
Congratulations Eric, Dennis and Crystal!

The Charles W. and Mariam Hawes Academic Excellence Award: This award is given to the top male and female seniors with the highest GPA. Students who win this award also receive a $1,000 scholarship check.
Congratulations Derek and Yesenia!

Outstanding Senior Male and Female Awards: This award is given to students who have embraced Methodist Children’s Home and truly strived to utilize all of the opportunities afforded to them. Students who win this award also receive a $250 scholarship check.
Congratulations Dalton, Phillip and Yesenia!

Congratulations to all of our seniors and best wishes on the next chapter in your life!

Photo galleries of this event are on our website and Facebook page. Check them out!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Waco campus resident's West tribute

Rachael, a Waco campus resident, was inspired to draw this picture after learning of the explosion in West, Texas. The following is how she describes her drawing:

“I was doing research for a final project and came across information on how large the crater was that was left by the explosion in West. I thought how cool it would be if I could make a memorial and came up with this drawing. The flags represent those who lost their lives. In the middle, there is a cross with a fire hose wrapped around it and at the bottom are the names of those who died. “ 

Methodist Children’s Home has donated sundry items and offered housing to families in the initial crisis. Our youth and staff from both the Waco and Boys Ranch campuses have also been volunteering. They have spent time working in the warehouse at Texas State Technical College sorting and receiving donations as well as donation sites through Samaritan’s Purse, Salvation Army and local churches.