Friday, October 23, 2015

Lubbock office participates in Annual Pumpkin Trail

MCH Family Outreach in Lubbock took part in fall festivities for the Oct. 15-18 communitywide 7th Annual Pumpkin Trail hosted by the City of Lubbock Parks and Recreation department. This year, the staff chose the theme “It Takes a Village.”

Lubbock Outreach provided the pumpkins and staff, foster parents, and clients carved 45 pumpkins for the display, including Halloween-themed houses and jack-o-lantern faces. This is the fourth year that Lubbock Outreach has participated in the event and the second year to be a sponsor. In addition to the 45 pumpkins, the theme of “It Takes a Village” was carried out with props of hay bales, toy houses, glow-in-the-dark Halloween creatures, and MCH logo signage.

“We decided this would be a great way to bring our families, foster parents and staff together to publicize our agency and proudly show off their pumpkin carving skills with their contributions to the display,” said Dana Bearden, Lubbock Outreach director.

“With the implementation of the Family Solutions program, we also wanted to become sponsors of the event to help link the MCH Family Outreach name to our community through events such as this one,” Bearden added. “It is always so much fun for our families and staff to brainstorm about theme ideas, carve the pumpkins and then be able to see all of our hard work lit up on the trail.”

Last year, the trail boasted over 1,950 carved pumpkins and attendance for the four-night free community event was more than 18,000. This year, the goal for the number of pumpkins was 2,000. In previous years, Lubbock Outreach participated with the themes of “Fire Up for Families,” “Team Up with MCH” and “Be a Super Hero.” The fall celebration is free to the public and hot chocolate and cookies are offered.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

MCH youth compete in 2015 Heart O’ Texas Fair and Rodeo

Methodist Children’s Home School (MCHS) FFA chapter showed off their skills and conviction during the Heart O’ Texas Fair and Rodeo held Oct. 8-17, 2015, at Extraco Events Center in Waco. Their hard work from the semester was evident during the lamb, swine and steer show as well as the Ag mechanics competition.

For this year’s show, 31 animals and 11 shop projects were entered. The highest placing for animals went to students showing swine, with Drennon placing first in his class followed by Nadia, placing second. In ag mechanics, Chayce received first in his class for his four-bale hay trailer. Galen and Jacob also each received third place overall for their projects, a hog trap and deer skull lamp. MCH took third overall in sweepstakes out of 13 schools.

“I feel like the 2015 show was a huge success,” said Steve Kruse, Ag teacher. “The students all listened to the judges and understood what needed to happen to improve their project. Also this group of kids all came dressed in the proper attire to show animals. I applaud the case workers, home parents and Methodist Children’s Home administration for making this happen.”

Here are the results:

Apryl - 6th
Iyahnna - 7th
Rainn - 9th
Also participated: Chris, Jaelyne, Juden, DeAndre, Bryson, Marisa, Hawa, and Laura

Drennon - 1st
Nadia - 2nd   
Marvin - 6th
Noah - 7th
Nick - 7th
Also participated: Ariel and Caelib

Sonja - 5th
Mikayla - 6th
Jacob - 6th

Ag mechanics results                                                                      
Chayce   -   4 bale hay trailer   -   1st class, Blue quality
Chayce/Noah   -   Steak cooker   -   Blue quality
Galen   -   Hog trap   -   3rd overall, Blue quality
Chayce/Mikayla/Sonja   -   Tailgate bench   -   Blue quality
Austin/Starr   -   Cedar furniture set   -   Blue quality
Justus   -   BBQ pit trailer   -   Blue quality
Jacob   -   Deer skull lamp   -   3rd overall, Red quality
Nick   -   Deer feeder   -   Red quality 

Click here to view our photo gallery of the event. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Cooper Foundation grant lights up MCH

After a generous grant from the Cooper Foundation in Waco, Methodist Children’s Home School has new lighting throughout the building to enhance the learning environment for students.

The Cooper Foundation is a nonprofit trust established in 1943 “for the purpose of benevolent public usefulness,” according to its website. The foundation awards funds to local agencies in order to “make Waco a better place to live.” Methodist Children’s Home (MCH) was granted $59,740 by the Cooper Foundation to cover a project to replace lights and fixtures for all three buildings in the school.

“We appreciate The Cooper Foundation and their generous investment in the Waco area over the years and we are grateful for the opportunity to partner with them for our school lighting project,” said Jeremy Webb, MCH benefactor relations officer.

Studies have shown fluorescent lighting can have adverse effects on children’s behavior, especially those who struggle with emotional trauma and sensory issues. The Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University, a partner of MCH, encouraged MCH leadership to pursue the project based on their research.

Since many MCH youth have been affected by these challenges, replacing the lighting in the school from outdated fluorescent to LED lights became an important project. MCH’s plant department worked hard to complete the project this summer before students returned for the fall semester. The new lights have also provided better energy efficiency with savings around 25 percent. 

“The project serves to provide our students an environment at school that promotes a de-escalation of negative behavior,” Webb said. “Not only does this project provide students the best possible environment for learning and healing, it will also position MCH to save money with updated and more energy efficient lighting fixtures. We cannot thank the Cooper Foundation enough and value their investment in our children.”

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

MCH starts Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapter

Methodist Children’s Home is excited about starting a Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) chapter on our Waco campus. FCA values are Integrity, Serving, Teamwork and Excellence with the vision of seeing the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.

Ahmad Washington, spiritual development minister for MCH, has been a guest speaker and performed music at several FCA football camps.
Washington leads a weekly huddle for our athletes and coaches before games. This is a time for prayer and to answer questions related to the Lord and what His activity in their lives looks like.

“The huddle is just another opportunity to teach and share the love of Jesus and the truth of the Holy Scriptures in ways that directly address them as young men,” shared Washington. “It offers a time and place without the pressure that comes from young ladies being present, where they can share and be vulnerable about issues that make it difficult for them to live as Godly young men.”

 The youth attend on a volunteer basis but “so far these young men have been open and receptive to our time, nearly all have been present for each huddle,” said Washington. “When the coaches see me in the school they have commented about how the Word of God has spoken directly to their lives also and inspired them to walk in their faith more boldly as they coach our youth.”

Matt Rodgers, MCH athletic director, had this to share: “I am excited, I have been wanting an FCA chapter at MCH for a few years now. Pastor Ahmad played football for Baylor University and understands what it takes to be successful on the field; but he has also has had life experiences that many of our young men have gone through. I am very thankful and appreciative for his leadership.

“Ten years from now very few people will remember how many games the MCH football team won in 2015, Rodgers said. “But what people will remember is how the lives of these young men have been changed and impacted through their relationship with Jesus Christ.”