Thursday, March 27, 2014

Abilene Outreach at Project Mom

The Abilene Outreach office had the opportunity to participate in the Project Mom event on Saturday, March 22 at the Abilene Civic Center. This is the first time the Dallas-based event has come to Abilene.

MCH was one of 55 vendors who had booths at the event. Staff from Abilene Family Outreach were able to talk about the programs offered locally, discuss the need for foster parents in the area and network with other professionals.

It was reported that 600 mothers were in attendance. Project Mom was started as a way to rejuvenate and inspire mothers so they can go home rested, relaxed and ready to be better moms. There were four keynote sessions and presenters who talked about topics such as meal planning on a budget, growing a confident child, creative discipline, getting organized and crafts with your children.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Holy Hip Hop Jam

O'negia, MCH resident
The Holy Hip Hop Jam held at Carver Park Church on March 8 brought together Christian rap musicians and fans to celebrate and worship God. Organized by Pastor Ahmad Washington, spiritual development minister at MCH, the concert featured performances from two of our youth, Ema and O’negia, Washington, MCH Youth Care Counselor Femi Ariya as well as artists The Warriors ATX and Puntin.

“The Holy Hip Hop Jam started with a vision I had to bring the Christian rap community together and make people aware that God is using rap music in this way,” Washington said.

The Holy Hip Hop Jam was sponsored by MovementUP, The Rise, Grind4God Magazine, Carver Park Youth Ministry, The New Day Holy Hip Hop Alliance and Soul Fishing Media. Carver Park pastor Gaylon P. Foreman opened the doors of his church to provide a venue for the diverse crowd, including several MCH youth and staff, to come together through music.

MCH performers Ema and O’negia were part of the performing arts summer class taught by Washington in 2013. Ema had never rapped before the class and became skilled at writing her own lyrics and performing. O’negia had shown an interest in Christian rap last spring and began working with Washington in May of 2013.

“Ema got more comfortable as she went on and did really well. O’negia really seemed to tap into something personally during his song and you could tell his delivery was coming from his heart,” Washington said.
Both youths’ parents and family members were able to attend the concert to see them perform their songs.

Another Christian rap and music concert will take place at the Harrell Memorial Chapel on Friday evening during ReCreation Weekend hosted by Spiritual Development from March 28-30. 

Ema, MCH resident

MCH minister Ahmad Washington

Femi Ariya, MCH Youth Care Counselor

MCH minister Ahmad Washington started out the concert performing with his own two children. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Break 2014

The sun is coming out! This week, our youth were able to enjoy some time outside with friends during Spring Break.

Throughout the week, the recreation department planned outings for our youth as they get time off from school. The week started out with a cook-out at Cameron Park where youth and staff spent the afternoon having lunch and playing games. That evening, youth could tumble and roll inside the Zorb Balls at the Boys Ranch gym.

On Wednesday, recreation planned a day trip to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area outside of Fredericksburg for hiking. The rest of the week, youth were able to choose from horse rides at the ranch, bowling, movie nights, arts and crafts, and the Alpine Tower Challenge to keep them busy.

“Our goal over Spring Break is to give the students a safe place to engage in a variety of new activities and a chance to interact with their friends and staff in a fun environment,” said Beth Harris, recreation director. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

College prep testing

Betty Morrow, school coordinator for the Methodist Children’s Home School on the Waco campus, is busy helping many seniors prepare for college entrance exams.  This year the state is implementing the Texas Success Initiative (TSI).  This test is used by two year colleges and technical schools.

“The TSI gives the student immediate results and is a great way for the student to become familiar and knowledgeable about pre-college testing,” said Morrow. “The students were able to use our school’s library computers to take the pre-test online.  We had 18 seniors sign up for the first day it was offered.  The test measures reading, math, sentence skills, and essay writing to determine college-readiness.”

Good luck seniors!