Friday, September 25, 2009

Girls Volleyball

The girls volleyball team at MCH is off to a great start to their season. Here are some photos from one of their games last week. They are currently 3/0 in district games!

Go Lady Bulldogs!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hands-On Experience

The new school year at MCH's Charter School has brought along some new experiences for youth from the Waco campus. Several youth from the school have chosen to participate in this hands-on Animal Sciences class. The class is taught by Steve Kruse and John Kuretsch. Kruse and Kuretsch teach a variety of agriculture and vocational education classes through the school. Their classes give students from both the Ranch and Waco campus an opportunity to work with their hands and learn to care for something beyond themselves. They also serve as advisers for the FFA club.

Youth taking agriculture classes are bused to and from the Boys Ranch for their meetings. During the class they have time to learn about animal science and apply their lessons to their work with their own animal. Here are some photos of several girls working with their new goats.

These girls, and other youth caring for animals, will be showing at the county FFA show later this fall.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Party

In celebration of Labor Day, youth on the Waco campus and Boys Ranch gathered for an afternoon and evening of fun and relaxation. The event began with lunch at the outdoor alumni pavilions on the Waco campus. Students and staff from the Price home unit volunteered their time on Sunday to make brisket for the group. With plenty of brisket, potato salad, chips and cookies, the meal was a big hit with the residents and staff.

When everyone had eaten their fill, the afternoon activities kicked off with general recreation and swimming. After eating meals at their homes, the youth returned for popsicles and a movie!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

As our youth settle into a new school year, our athletes are gearing up for a great fall season. This year is the first year that Boys Ranch youth are attending the Waco campus school, which means they can also participate in team sports through the Charter school. The boys are enjoying the wide variety of sports offered through MCH.

Our resident athletes are often seen after school working out all around campus. With volleyball, cross country and flag football all in full swing, our youth have plenty of athletic activities to keep them busy this fall. Here are some photos of the teams during practice.