Monday, February 24, 2014

Athletics scorer’s table

Methodist Children’s Home Athletic Department recently received a donation to help purchase a new eight-foot scorer’s table and 30 sideline chairs for the Greene-Willis Gymnasium. These additions will be used for volleyball and basketball games. The donation was made possible by Randy Mason, a big fan of our youth at MCH. 

“Not only is the table more functional, with built in possession arrows and outlets for the scoreboard controller, it really upgrades the look of the gym for all our home games,” said Kevin Henry, athletic director.  “The student athletes take great pride in their athletic program and facilities.” 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Waco Outreach at Waco Farmers Market

Waco Outreach was featured as the community organization of the week on Saturday, Feb. 15 at the Waco Farmers Market.  Waco Outreach staff were able to set up a booth to share information with shoppers on our services while also working to recruit potential foster parents.

“It was a great opportunity for us,” said Brooke Davilla, Waco Outreach director. “We ended up having several folks take our information and we had two families who gave us their information. The exposure itself was great. We also were able to hear stories from the community about their experiences with Methodist Children’s Home.”

Davilla discovered the opportunity and learned that the farmers market planned to start a program where they highlighted a community organization each Saturday.  During the afternoon, Waco Outreach staff made homemade birdfeeders as a way to interact with the crowd. They will return to the farmers market again in April.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Carillon at the Chapel

Has everyone noticed that the Chapel bells have been ringing out over campus? 

The Carillon was struck by lightning several years ago and was out of commission until recently. The Spiritual Development staff has been involved with researching and finding the right Carillon for the Chapel. 

“For many, the familiar ringing of the bells, hymns and Westminster Chimes brings to mind good memories of fellowship with friends and family,” said Kim Clark, director of spiritual development. “They comfort, are a remembrance of the past, and a call to worship on Sunday morning. They are an inspiring sound for the congregation and our surrounding community.”

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

McLennan County Livestock Show 2014

MCH had 17 youth participate in the McLennan County Junior Livestock Show at Extraco Events Center from February 4-7. Students from the FFA program at Methodist Children’s Home School showed steers, lambs, goats and swine during the competition. See below for a list of results:
Steers:  Guillermo – 6th; Lloyd – 10th; Dakota – 12th; Brandon – 14th
Lambs:  Starr – 8th; Cassie – 12th; Mathew – 14th
Goats: Patricia – 8th; Thomas – 10th
Swine:  Micheal – 4th; Diego – 8th; Mikayla – 9th; Tristin – 10th; Maleak – 10th; also participating – Enzo, Stephen, Jonah
Three MCH students made the Sale of Champions where the best in show are auctioned off.  Micheal, Starr and Patricia sold their Duroc pig, lamb and goat.

“Only 20 percent of the animals that show make the Sale of Champions so I feel very proud that we have three,” said Steve Kruse, ag science teacher. “I want to send a special thanks to everyone who came out and supported the students.”

To view more pictures from the show, visit our photo gallery

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Field trip to Mayborn museum for Under 12 group

Residents under the age of 12 were treated to a special excursion to the Mayborn Museum Complex on the Baylor University campus Feb. 2. Recreation coordinator Kimberly Bobbitt accompanied the four youth from the Waco campus.

“I love taking the 12 and under students on outings,” Bobbitt said. “Sometimes they may feel obligated to act like the older students while in their home units, but when I get them out on their own, they quickly begin to play like the 11- and 12-year-olds that they are.” 

Bobbitt said she had taken a few of the students to the museum last month and two of the under 12 students requested to return. One of the girls was looking forward to visiting the room with rabbits and guinea pigs and the glass floor where Mammoth bones are on display. One of the boys had a special instrument picked out in the gift store that he was anxious to purchase.

The group enjoyed exploring the entire museum, visiting the Mammoth site and Texas railroads exhibits plus the rooms on the environment, television broadcasting and agriculture. The favorites of the youth that day were the bubble room where they could make and pop large bubbles and the room on communication. Bobbitt said the youth spent the afternoon engaging in hands-on learning, making the day an overall success.

A special thanks to Kimberly Bobbitt for contributing photographs from the event.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Prayer Room for MCH Staff

 The Spiritual Development staff has created a Prayer Chapel. The Prayer Chapel will be open to staff weekdays from 9 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. It is located in classroom 4 in the Mulkey Religious Education Building.

“In order to effectively serve our youth, we must make time to care for our own needs and allow God to fill us,” said Kim Clark, spiritual development director. “The Prayer Chapel was designed to be a place of solitude, stillness, and communion with God.  With the hectic and often overwhelming work of ministry, we felt that staff could benefit from a space that is their own, a place where they can reflect, pray and rejuvenate.”