Monday, March 23, 2009

Saturday Morning Fun

The recently formed MCH Student Leadership Team hosted a fun event on campus this past Saturday. The team is made up of exemplary youth from the Waco campus and Boys Ranch, and there are plans to invite participation from the Waxahachie campus as well. Currently, the group has six founding members, but they hope to eventually have representation from every home unit on every residential campus.

With a goal to serve the MCH community and be a voice for student needs, the team works in an advisory capacity - giving feedback on MCH policies and procedures. However, they are also using their influence to produce some fun events to bring residents together. Their event this past weekend illustrates their desire to provide our youth with fun ways to get to know one another.

Advised by Student Events Coordinator Denise Warren, the Student Leadership Team hopes to continue providing fun student events - all while using their influence to positively impact the administration and campus life. Now these kids are a reason to celebrate!