Friday, June 5, 2009

A Season for Celebration

As the days get longer (and hotter) students are preparing for summer at Methodist Children's Home. Whether they are residents of the Waco campus looking forward to summer camp , Boys Ranch youth hoping for some good fishing, Waxahachie students planning for a mission trip or foster care and community outreach families gearing up for a family vacation, summer is the buzz-word at Methodist Children's Home.

And no one looks forward to summer more than our graduating seniors! Ready to start a new life and strike out on their own, our seniors have been overjoyed to don their caps and gowns for a little "pomp and circumstance." The Boys Ranch held their graduation ceremony at the Waco campus chapel on Thursday, May 29 with seven graduates decked out in "Mustang blue." Family and friends gathered around as the boys celebrated this huge educational milestone.

Here are some photos from their celebration with family and friends.

The Waco campus University of Texas Charter School held their graduation ceremonies yesterday, Thursday, June 4. Come back next week to see photos of their graduation festivities.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Congratulations to all the graduates!

Angie Hammond said...

As a teacher, I'm very proud of all of the graduates of the University of Texas Charter School.
They all worked very hard during the year and
I will miss all of them.
Way to go Bulldogs!!!!