Friday, July 31, 2009

Serving and Sweating

Boys from one Waco campus home have spent the summer beautifying the Waco community by doing yard care in several neighborhoods around town. The boys bring lawn mowers to the homes and empty lots, cut the grass and pick up trash in the area. Coach Johnson, an MCH staff member who works with the boys, believes that it is a great service project because of all that it teaches.

"The boys learn responsibility," Coach said. "It shows them to give back to their community, but it also teaches them an important skill, taking care of a piece of land."

Several other homes from the Waco campus and the Boys Ranch also serve the community by providing lawn care to families and churches in need. While it is definitely hot and sweaty work, the boys feel that it is rewarding to see the properties are well-maintained.

Stephen started up the mower...

and received instructions from Coach Johnson.

Iram enjoyed listening to his MP3 player while mowing.

Alexis spent his time mowing the side yard.

Here is a video of Stephen mowing.

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