Wednesday, February 10, 2010

H.O.T. Jr. Livestock Show

Congratulations to all of our youth who participated in the McLennan County Junior Livestock Show last month. Our youth did a great job showing the animals they worked with over the fall semester through Ag classes at the MCH Charter School.

As you may know, this is the first year that our Waco campus residents have had the privilege of raising and showing animals for the FFA program. Following are the results, and a few photos, of course!

Linda – Participation Ribbon
Katt – Participation Ribbon
Kandaja – Participation Ribbon
Ashley – Participation Ribbon
Sarah – Participation Ribbon
Vanessa – Participation Ribbon

Dylan – 8th Place
Clayton – 5th Place
Chris – 7th Place
Mario – 7th Place
Dion – 1st Place, Southdown Breed Champion
Ryan – 5th Place

Patrick – 7th Place
Jocolby – 9th Place
Trent – 6th Place and 1st Place Yorkshire hog
Stuart – 6th Place
James - Participation Ribbon
Hayden – 3rd Place
Roy - Participation Ribbon
Jon – 4th Place

Tyler – 1st Place Chi Heifer, Breed Reserve Grand Champion

Markus – 14th Place
Clifton – 14th Place
Javen – 8th Place

Greg – 30th Place
Emily – Participation Ribbon

Thank you to the many dedicated teachers and staff members who help these youth raise and work their animals!

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