Friday, March 19, 2010

Meteorologist teaches youth about her career

Lynae Miyer, meteorologist for KCEN-TV in Central Texas recently visited the Waco campus Charter School to talk about her career and answer questions about weather. Miyer shared that, as a child, she had been so afraid of thunderstorms that her parents encouraged her to study weather patterns so she could conquer her fear. What her parents didn't know was that her research would fuel a passion for weather, science and math. Miyer shared that the best thing for youth is to find something that engages their passions, and then pursue it as a career.

In addition to sharing her personal story, Miyer explained basic weather concepts to the students. She even gave them a personal preview into her predictions for the weather over the next few weeks. Here are a few photos from Miyer's time at the school.

If you are in Central Texas, check out Lynae Miyer on the KCEN-TV morning show from 5-7 am on weekdays.

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