Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas at the Home

Hope. The Christmas season is the epitome of hope and a special time of year at Methodist Children’s Home.

We strive to maintain a balance between sharing the message of the season and creating lifetime memories for our youth. Each year, our residents witness the generosity of so many faithful supporters of the Home. And each year, our residential campuses celebrate Christmas as a family through worship, opening gifts, munching on treats, and spending time together.

Carols and Candles is our annual Christmas worship service. The Waco campus and Boys Ranch meet at the chapel for this service on the night set aside for the campuses’ Christmas celebrations. The Waxahachie campus youth participate in youth group activities at First United Methodist Church Waxahachie prior to returning to campus to open their gifts.

Presents fill the living rooms when the youth return to their homes as if Santa has delivered goodies while they were away. As soon as the teens enter their doors, excitement ensues, and present opening begins!

Following the evenings’ events, youth and staff enjoy snacks and time spent together. Goodies range from homemade, decorated cupcakes to Buffalo wings. Although the evening goes by too quickly for all, we hope the memories for our youth will last a lifetime and the spirit of Christmas will remain in their hearts.

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