Friday, January 14, 2011

Wall of Greatness

Greatness is expected of youth, but we recognize it may occur in their future – an MCH strength-based principle the Boys Ranch is promoting now. The Wall of Greatness, a display in the Ranch dining hall recognizing Ranch residents, was an idea that came out of a Ranch staff meeting.

The dining hall is a common gathering place for all the boys on the Ranch. It’s the perfect location to highlight accomplishments or positive things the boys have done during their stay at MCH. Some examples of what goes on the 6 by 4 foot board are sports accolades, kind acts, school performances, positive behavior, school success, and sharing positive choices youth have made.

In addition to featuring youth on the Wall of Greatness, the Ranch staff highlight one of our 12 Strength-based Principles each month. New residents of the Ranch are also included on the wall with their picture and a short survey about them so others at the Ranch can get to know them.
“I’m proud of the Wall of Greatness,” said Nicole Ehler, Director of Program Services at the Boys Ranch. “We are able to use it as a tool to show what great, wonderful, successful, powerful, and awesome people our boys are.”

If you are interested in viewing our 12 Strength-based Principles, click here.

Here are some photos of what’s on the wall today.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! What a neat way to learn about the wonderful things the boys are doing!