Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Prom 2011

Fancy dresses, movie-star radiance, snazzy tuxes… it must be prom season! On Saturday, April 16, MCH hosted its charter school’s prom in the Johnson Student Center. The sun was beginning to set as cars arrived to deliver our youth, who emerged from their rides with beaming smiles.

Their faces gave way to the anticipation of this much-awaited night. Dates met outside the doors of the ballroom beneath the glow of lanterns. Complimenting each other’s red-carpet worthy ensembles, couples entered the room that will be forever engraved in their memories.

Anticipating the arrival of guests, the elegantly decorated ballroom sparkled with metallic table cloths and large candelabra centerpieces, balloons danced on the floor and pillow-covered couches sat amid dim lights. The necessary photography set-up and the long table full of teen snack favorites were ready for their partakers.

After months of planning and days of organizing this event, staff observed prom night as a proud parent would, excited and a little sad that the night had arrived. But as the DJ spun the first record, laughter and chatter filled the room. Everyone was happy and ready to have the time of their lives.

Here are photos from Prom Night 2011. Check out all the glamour!

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Jeanniep said...

Wow, photo's are beautiful, girls dresses are perfect and the guys soooo handsome. So glad that you could have this wonderful time in your lives. makes me smile:)

Jean Kennerly
Plano Tx