Friday, September 16, 2011

MCH Alumni Association supports new Heritage Park project

The MCH Bulldogs are enjoying a successful start to their 2011 football season, and they invite staff and youth to come out to watch their home games at the new Bulldog Field at Heritage Park.

The football field, located at the back of the Waco campus, is the first phase of a new development called Heritage Park, which will also include upgrades to the area near the pavilions. Although the project is still in the planning stages, discussion about Heritage Park has included ideas to build a new softball field near the Alumni Pavilion, improvements to the basketball/tennis court, a new volleyball court, and a walking/jogging trail.

Heritage Park will recognize the rich history of MCH, and significant funding for this project is being provided through earnings from the MCH Alumni Association Endowment Fund. Alumni provided funding for six sets of bleachers and the scoreboard at Bulldog Field, and funds will soon be used to build two Heritage Park entryways. Another generous donor made a gift to purchase the goalposts at Bulldog Field. Future projects will be completed as funding becomes available through the Alumni Association and individual donors.

In recognition of the legacy of former MCH football teams, the Bulldogs are wearing a Badger decal on the back of their helmets. From the 1920s to 1940s, MCH was known for its successful football program. During this time, the team’s mascot was the Badgers. The football program ended in the late 1940s when MCH youth began attending Waco public schools.

In addition to Heritage Park, the Alumni Association has provided funding for the Boys Ranch Recreation and Activities Center and renovations to Harrell Memorial Chapel in recent years.

“Methodist Children’s Home is a community with a rich history of traditions and a great legacy and heritage of contributing to the positive growth and development of young people,” said Tim Brown, MCH president. “I believe the Alumni Association appreciates the value of this, and they have chosen a unique way to celebrate and affirm their role as mentors.

“Heritage Park is both a symbolic and functional project that will serve not only as a reminder of our history, but will celebrate the continuing accomplishments of the young people who benefit from similar experiences in the future as part of their own growth and development here.”

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