Monday, January 30, 2012

Staff Award for Service Presented to Plant Staff

Methodist Children’s Home recognizes staff and departments who have demonstrated our core values in their work with our youth and families. The following is an excerpt from the nomination of the Plant Department for the Service core value award.

The Plant staff, under the leadership of Tim Fedro, offers the highest quality of services to our youth, families, staff and campus guests. Some of their responsibilities include ensuring food and housekeeping items are in the home units, delivering mail daily to all departments, mowing, landscaping, painting, coordinating transportation and maintenance of vehicles, and repairing or remodeling facilities. The plant staff consistently carries out their responsibilities with a spirit of service and teamwork, even in extreme weather conditions like we have experienced in recent months.

Employees throughout Methodist Children’s Home understand the important role the Plant staff plays helping serve our youth. One of the best examples is their willingness to provide summer internships for the boys on the Waco campus. During these internships, youth not only learn important job skills, but they develop positive self-esteem by working alongside members of the Plant, who our youth look up to as important role models in their lives.

Tim Fedro, pictured right, had the following to say about the department receiving the Service core value award:

The staff and I were very appreciative. It is nice being recognized for our work and being part of the MCH community.

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