Tuesday, April 17, 2012

REcreation Weekend 2012

The Religious Education and Recreation departments recently worked together to host the “REcreation Weekend” on the Waco campus. This is a three-day event that focuses on worship and recreational activities for the Waco campus and Boys Ranch youth. Ross Reynolds, youth minister at FUMC Rowlett, was the guest preacher, and Bus Seven was the guest band. Colin Campbell, music director at MCH, is a member of the band.

The theme this year was “truth.” The Religious Education staff invited former MCH youth Josh Shepard, Edden Agonafer, Alice Fry and Matt Wills to speak about how “truth” has played out in their lives since leaving MCH. While residents at MCH, they participated in the Perkins Youth School of Theology program at Southern Methodist University. All four are in college and talked about issues they have faced and the truth they have learned about themselves.

From left to right: Josh Shepard, Edden Agonafer, Alice Fry and Matthew Wills.

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