Thursday, October 25, 2012

Family Day

Team 2 on the Waco Campus held its fall Family Day on October 21. According to Chuck Russell, campus administrator, the event was a great success with a total of 64 family members in attendance.

MCH hosted an open house and workshop where parents and families learned more about MCH’s programs and services, including TBRI techniques. Families also participated in several nurture group activities, such as giving each other band aids (giving and receiving nurture), feeding each other (giving and receiving care), making Thanksgiving placemats (which teaches the Life Skills of Listen and Learn, Build Trusting Relationships, and Show Respect) among others.

“We also provided supper for our families and this year I delivered 71 pizzas,” Chuck said.  “Boy, was my car hot! But it was good times for all of our families.  We have received many compliments from family members stating how much they enjoyed their time at MCH. We are looking forward to our spring Family Day.”

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