Monday, March 4, 2013

Community Services - Support from Tyler church

Staff in the Tyler Outreach Office were recently blessed with a contribution from the Mr. and Mrs. Sunday School Class from St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. Through this contribution the Outreach staff was able to purchase groceries for GAPP families and gifts for GAPP and Family Solutions. St. Paul’s has also been generous to MCH in allowing the use of their facility for Foster Care training.

“The church family at St. Paul's has made a huge impact on the families the Tyler office serves. Cheryl, a local resident served through Family Solutions, was struggling financially during the holidays and did not plan on celebrating. We not only provided gifts for her son Jacob but we also purchased a holiday meal for the family. Cheryl was very thankful for what our office was able to provide for her family,” said Suzy King, caseworker in the Tyler Outreach Office.  

Tyler staff and MCH would like to thank St. Paul’s UMC for their support. 

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