Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Foster children visit Dallas Zoo

Dallas foster children had a chance to get together and spend an enjoyable day at the zoo last month. Dallas outreach staff members Tasneem Rajan, Kayla Martin and Karri Luna hosted the field trip for ten foster children from their office.  Rajan came up with the idea of getting the children together after one of her school-aged children on her caseload expressed concern about being a foster child.

“Events such as this field trip are important for our kids, especially our school-aged children, because it allows them an opportunity to develop support systems and friends who are currently experiencing similar situations as their own, “ said Kayla Martin, caseworker for Dallas Outreach. “The trip allowed the children a chance to interact with MCH staff members and get reassurance that we are safe and supportive adults for them to express feelings to.”

The children attending were from ages 3 to 11. They spent a successful day together eating lunch, looking at animals and playing in the children’s area of the Dallas Zoo.  Dallas outreach plans to have more events such as these for their foster children to give them regular opportunities to get together.

See below for more pictures from the event:

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