Friday, August 23, 2013

New Drumline preps for Bulldog season

Bulldog events will have a new source of spirit and energy with the addition of the MCH Bulldog Drumline. This year will be the first time MCH has had a drumline to perform at pep rallies and home football games. Colin Campbell, spiritual development minister at MCH, will lead the 11 students in rallying the crowds this year.

“Marching bands have been associated with American football for over a century and the drumline is arguably the highest profile of all the individual sections,” Campbell said. “The drumline can lead chants, create energy between plays, and get the crowd invested and cheering on their team. The drums will not only create an audible energy at the games, but also provide a unique visual aesthetic as well.”

Campbell said the students will work on discipline, teamwork, communication and self confidence through their participation in drumline. Each student is learning to read music and proper playing techniques as well as how to perform at a high level both individually and as a group. They went through a week-long camp focused on structure and fundamentals before school began. Now they are working on their first “cadences,” or performance pieces, as they prepare for the football season.

“I am proud of the work done so far,” said Campbell. “The students are learning quickly and pushing each other to get better in a positive way. “

Campbell expressed his gratitude to campus administrators Charlsie Whitney and Chuck Russell as well as vice president for residential services Moe Dozier for their support of the new program. Keep an eye out for our new MCH Bulldog Drumline this upcoming season! 

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Mollie said...

We have two students from our home who are participating in the drum line. It has made a noticeably positive difference in them both. I am thankful for those who are giving their time to make this happen - it means a lot!