Friday, September 20, 2013

One Act Play Class Practices Stage Makeup

Jade, One Act Play student and MCH resident.
MCH youth are learning the inner workings of the theater world and exploring their creativity through the new One Act Play after-school class. Kira Rockwell, the class instructor and current theater senior at Baylor University, leads the group of 14 youth as they learn the art of acting as well as the work done behind the scenes.

This week Rockwell’s students transformed into makeup artists, creating animal faces on themselves and their peers. Before the class, each youth received a photocopy of his or her face and drew different animal markings to prepare for the exercise. During class, they applied the makeup and made their vision come alive.

 The One Act Play class meets twice a week for two and a half hours where they learn different aspects of theater. Once they cover each phase of production, they will put together and perform plays. The group will also participate in competitions through Texas Christian Athletic League (TCAL). As part of their lessons, the class will soon get to take a field trip to visit the Baylor campus and attend its performance of “Legally Blonde” where they will be given a backstage tour.

Below are some photos of our artists and their masterpieces!

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