Friday, October 18, 2013

MCH Recreation Program Earns State Award

The MCH recreation department received Program of the Year for 2012 from the Texas Experiential Resources Association (TERA). Beth Harris, MCH recreation director for the Waco campus, said she believes MCH earned the award because of the variety and quality of activities offered to residents.

“We dabble in a lot of areas and we offer a wide range of activities to our youth,” Harris said. “We do regular evaluations with our residents to target their interests.”

Harris added that the recreation program at MCH is more than just providing activities.

“We work with our youth to achieve personal goals and we track their progress,” Harris said. “Our youth are doing all the work to accomplish their goals and we get to facilitate that growth. It’s neat to look back and see how much they’ve grown.”

The award is a commendation to all of the MCH recreation staff. Pictured below are recreation staff from the Waco campus and Boys Ranch with the TERA award.

To learn more about MCH’s recreation program, click here to read the article “Playing with Purpose” in our summer issue of Sunshine.

Pictured L to R: Ian Bracken, recreation coordinator; Anthony Mead, after-school program coordinator; Pablo Villanueva, recreation assistant; Kimberly Bobbitt, recreation coordinator; Nicole Ehler, Boys Ranch program services director; Beth Harris, Waco campus recreation director; and Robbie Matteson, recreation assistant. Geoff Nelson, recreation coordinator, is not pictured.

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