Wednesday, January 22, 2014

MCH Commissary staff

Robert Rodriquez, material manager on the Waco campus, has a great group of guys who help keep the pantries stocked, ice machine filled and the mail running to just name a few of their daily responsibilities.  Daniel Mendoza, Gilbert Delacruz and Gary Meador all work in the commissary.  They ensure all orders for food, school supplies, household products, and office supplies are bought and delivered daily.  You can find them loading and unloading their delivery van either on campus or at the Boys Ranch. They can also be found restocking shelves at the commissary, picking up empty milk and bread carts or sweeping and mopping the bay area.

When there is a birthday party for a youth, you can be assured they picked up the special order.  If a youth has a specific medication need, the commissary staff makes the run to the pharmacy.  When an important box or letter comes through for our youth, they get it delivered.

Gilbert had this to say about working at Methodist Children’s Home: “We are all child care workers.  We may not get to see the youth as much as others, but we feel we contribute to their experience while here.  It is satisfying to know we are able to help them get what they need.”

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