Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Carillon at the Chapel

Has everyone noticed that the Chapel bells have been ringing out over campus? 

The Carillon was struck by lightning several years ago and was out of commission until recently. The Spiritual Development staff has been involved with researching and finding the right Carillon for the Chapel. 

“For many, the familiar ringing of the bells, hymns and Westminster Chimes brings to mind good memories of fellowship with friends and family,” said Kim Clark, director of spiritual development. “They comfort, are a remembrance of the past, and a call to worship on Sunday morning. They are an inspiring sound for the congregation and our surrounding community.”


Betty Morrow said...

So grateful to have the chimes back! The bells were so comforting to hear and were greatly missed! Both residents and staff can now feel uplifted when hearing them! I used to always stop and listen to them (and smile)!

Anonymous said...

Yes I have and how sweet they sound! I remember when I started here and really enjoyed hearing them. Glad they are back !! Thanks!!

James Garrett