Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Core Value Award for Service - Julie Spiech

Julie Spiech, a unit manager for the Waco Campus, received the Core Award for Service. Julie exemplifies a spirit of service with her dedication and attention to detail. Julie is a hard worker who does not hesitate to offer help when she is needed. She volunteers to assist her peers in providing coverage and training to new employees on various aspects of the unit manager position.  Julie’s long term relationships with the youth she has served reflect the amount of investment that she puts into her work with each one. Julie is often called upon by former residents for advice, support, or just to “catch up” over lunch. Julie’s work day is never “done” if there are needs to be met, youth to talk to, or staff coverage to be found. Julie ensures that everything is running smoothly. Julie maintains an upbeat attitude even in difficult times. She can always find the positive in any situation. Julie’s hard work ethic combined with her compassionate heart are a refreshing inspiration to everyone around her.

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Judy B said...

Congratulations Julie. Well deserved.