Monday, March 30, 2015

ReCreation Weekend and Holy Hip Hop Jam 2015

Ahmad Washington, MCH Spiritual Development Minister
Youth explored their faith through events hosted by Spiritual Development staff this month. The Holy Hip Hop Jam on March 14 at Carver Park Baptist Church featured Christian artists as well as a performance by an MCH student. ReCreation Weekend, an annual event featuring a concert, group sessions and special worship service, was held March 20-22 at the Waco campus.

Spiritual Development minister Ahmad Washington organized the Holy Hip Hop Jam sponsored by Movment Up, Carver Park Baptist Church, Soul Fishing Media, Grind4God, and 254 United. Several MCH residents and staff joined members of the community to listen to Christian music from artists A.H.M.A.D.D., Minister Slugger, T. Gambine, Minister Chris Crump, Minister BC, and Capital G. Ema Rose, an upcoming artist and current MCH student, also performed her own original songs from her album “Picture Perfect” produced by Washington with one track produced by Minister Chris Crump. Her songs can currently be heard online at

“The purpose of the concert was to show artists who share their faith and hope in Jesus Christ through music so our kids can experience God’s music in a similar form that they are used to hearing and stroke the flames inside them,” Washington said.

Washington said the community concert served as a springboard to ReCreation Weekend. ReCreation Weekend began as a collaboration between Recreation and Spiritual Development who host a weekend of events to focus on spiritual growth and community building. During this year’s ReCreation Weekend, MCH youth gathered in the Harrell Memorial Chapel to hear a concert from Christian artists on Friday evening, followed by a day of group sessions and senior lunch on Saturday and special worship service on Sunday. This year, the weekend focused on encouraging youth to explore their identities through Christ.

This year’s concert featured performances by Greg “Puntin” Cooks and Chyrie Randolph. Cooks performed at last year’s Holy Hip Hop Jam. Between performances, Recreation staff hosted entertaining “Minute to Win It” challenges for student volunteers. On Saturday, boys and girls were separated for group sessions to discuss topics pertaining to challenges they may face led by guests Cooks, Randolph and April Neal. The guests shared their own testimonies and talked to youth about how they can walk out their faith in their current lives as young women and men. 

“Our guests talked about the temptations and setbacks they faced, and continue to face, on their faith journeys and gave practical advice on how they continue to move forward: poetry, music, scripture, mentors, etc.,” explained Kim Clark, director of spiritual development. “There were so many different personalities and theologies this year. It gave our students a real view of the Kingdom of God…a variety of thoughts, practices, cultures and talents that all glorify our creator.”

This year, a senior lunch was added to Saturday activities to offer youth a chance to gather together and discuss their upcoming transitions before graduation. The weekend concluded with a special worship service in the chapel. Clark said she hopes students learned from their experiences during ReCreation Weekend.

“I hope our students understand that God has so much more for them than they have imagined for themselves,” Clark said. “I hope they begin to claim a life of purpose and passion. I never want them to settle for less.”

Ema Rose, MCH resident, performed her original music at the Holy Hip Hop Jam. 

Greg "Puntin" Cooks

Chyrie Randolph

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