Friday, May 22, 2015

MCH students receive floral certification

Two Methodist Children’s Home School students, Justice and Hawa, successfully completed their high school Level 1 floral certification this month as part of their agricultural science class. To receive their certification, the students had to pass a 100 question test related to floral design and handling as well as a skills test.

The girls passed the question test on April 23 and traveled to Dallas Skyline High School on May 2 to demonstrate their design skills. They each constructed a symmetrical carnation triangle and a boutonniere within one hour. These two designs are the fundamental arrangements for work in the floral industry. On the boutonniere portion, both girls scored an 8 out of 10 on the overall visual appeal. They both received a score of 7 on the symmetrical triangle arrangement.

Now that they received their certification, Hawa and Justice are able to become student members of the Texas Student Floral Association and entitled to all the benefits of membership. A certificate of accomplishment for each student will be presented during the school award ceremony on May 26. 

Justice and Hawa with teacher James Fairchild at the design challenge in Dallas. 

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