Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Core Value Award for Service - Diana Luvianos

Methodist Children’s Home recognizes staff members who exemplify the Core Values of the organization. Staff are nominated by their peers and are recognized at an all-staff meeting during which the Core Awards are given.

The Core Awards for MCH are:
Christian Principles

Diana Luvianos, accounting associate, received the Core Award for Service at the 2015 spring all-staff meeting. The recipient of the Core Award for Service is someone who shows compassion through generosity and care.

Luvianos has worked for the MCH accounting department for three years. “I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to serve at MCH. It is an honor to receive the Service award; it will be a reminder of the important work we are all doing here.”

According to Luvianos’s nomination, “Diana goes above and beyond to serve others. In her role at MCH, Diana is responsible for ensuring 400 invoices are processed accurately and on time each month in order for MCH to operate in an efficient manner. There are times when Diana sends payments that are not received by a vendor, client or family for reasons beyond her control. Diana does not waste time arguing about who is to blame but instead focuses her energy on resolving the issue and making sure no service connected to our children, youth or families is interrupted. With so much pressure related to her job, many are impressed with her willingness to stop what she is doing to assist them. She is dependable, pleasant and well respected by our youth. She shows she cares by building strong relationships with our student workers in the accounting department. In addition to being a great employee, Dianna is an amazing mom and friend to many.”

Maggie Calhoun, accounting administrator and Luvianos’s supervisor had this to share: “Diana’s commitment to quality is obvious in everything she does. The service she provides exceeds all expectations, and guarantees a continuum of successful relationships.”

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