Friday, October 16, 2015

Cooper Foundation grant lights up MCH

After a generous grant from the Cooper Foundation in Waco, Methodist Children’s Home School has new lighting throughout the building to enhance the learning environment for students.

The Cooper Foundation is a nonprofit trust established in 1943 “for the purpose of benevolent public usefulness,” according to its website. The foundation awards funds to local agencies in order to “make Waco a better place to live.” Methodist Children’s Home (MCH) was granted $59,740 by the Cooper Foundation to cover a project to replace lights and fixtures for all three buildings in the school.

“We appreciate The Cooper Foundation and their generous investment in the Waco area over the years and we are grateful for the opportunity to partner with them for our school lighting project,” said Jeremy Webb, MCH benefactor relations officer.

Studies have shown fluorescent lighting can have adverse effects on children’s behavior, especially those who struggle with emotional trauma and sensory issues. The Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University, a partner of MCH, encouraged MCH leadership to pursue the project based on their research.

Since many MCH youth have been affected by these challenges, replacing the lighting in the school from outdated fluorescent to LED lights became an important project. MCH’s plant department worked hard to complete the project this summer before students returned for the fall semester. The new lights have also provided better energy efficiency with savings around 25 percent. 

“The project serves to provide our students an environment at school that promotes a de-escalation of negative behavior,” Webb said. “Not only does this project provide students the best possible environment for learning and healing, it will also position MCH to save money with updated and more energy efficient lighting fixtures. We cannot thank the Cooper Foundation enough and value their investment in our children.”

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