Monday, November 23, 2015

"The Bulldog Cafe" Fall Showcase

Theatre students
On November 19, Methodist Children’s Home choir and theater groups performed their fall showcase, titled “The Bulldog Café.” The Fellowship Hall was transformed into a “coffee shop” atmosphere where the audience could partake in hot chocolate and various desserts before the performances. 

The choir sang a lineup of music that incorporated four different languages - English, Spanglish, Latin, and Swahili. The students also did arrangements that included rapping and beat boxing. 

“The students have been working incredibly hard all semester,” said Jill Sims, choir teacher. “It is my great honor to work with such a talented and dedicated group of students and I am tremendously proud of each of them!”

The theater class has been working on playwriting. The students were not given a specific topic but asked to write about what mattered to them. “I was blown away with what emerged from the students,” said Kira Rockwell, recreation coordinator. “They created pieces that were comical, dramatic, fantasy, and stories of loss and forgiveness. Their vivid imaginations were absolutely inspiring.”

The fall showcase was an opportunity for students to have their original plays and pieces read out loud for an audience for the very first time.

“In the almost three years I have been teaching theater at MCH, the writing process and the staged readings of the students’ original work has by far been my favorite project,” Rockwell said.

Choir Students:                          Theater Students:
Skyler                                                    Jayden
Apryl                                                     Chris
Ben                                                        Alfred
Joseph                                                  Trent
Josh                                                       Daxie
Desi                                                       Camray
Patrick                                                  DNayjah
Hawa                                                    Jamia

Choir students

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