Friday, December 4, 2015

MCH student receives coaching from Holly Tucker

Alyssa, a senior at MCH School, sang for Holly Tucker, local country singer and former contestant on the NBC reality show, “The Voice,” during a coaching session on Nov. 21.

The coaching workshop was part of an event held at Seventh and James Baptist Church in Waco sponsored by Therapy CenterStage Productions called “Finding Your Voice.” Therapy CenterStage Productions is a group that works to bring awareness to mental health issues through the creative and expressive arts. Only four students in the Waco area received this special opportunity to work with Tucker one-on-one. Alyssa was selected after she performed during an open mic session at the Waco Cultural Arts Fest in September.  

Alyssa said she always sang round the house as a child and would sing at recess in elementary school instead of playing. Then in middle school, she continued singing and began playing the piano. Her first performance was in seventh grade when she sang in front of an audience of 900 people during a Christmas performance. Since then, she has done a few performances, including small concerts in local churches with MCH spiritual development minister Ahmad Washington.

“I love music and playing the piano,” Alyssa said. “Now it’s a hobby. I like to sing for church. It’s a good distraction; a good coping skill.”

During coaching session with Tucker, Alyssa sang the song “I Won’t Let Go” by Rascal Flatts. Tucker gave her tips on breathing techniques and also sang along with her during the session.

“It was really nice,” Alyssa said. “She told me to never give up on singing and that I have a beautiful voice. It was a good experience. It was fun to have people watching and give me compliments.”  

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