Friday, January 22, 2016

MCH joins organizations in support of MCH Family Outreach programs

Methodist Children’s Home recently joined Generations United and the National Foster Parent Association, two national membership organizations who advocate for families. Through these memberships, MCH will be connected to resources and information on issues that impact our families.

“We were looking for nationally recognized organizations or groups that would fit with our core beliefs and practices, but could also provide networking, training and research opportunities,” said Traci Wagner, MCH Family Outreach administrator for the eastern region who researched the organizations for MCH. “These resources will help us to stay current on the needs of children and families, as well as best practices and trends in child welfare and outreach.”

The mission of Generations United (GU) is “to improve the lives of children, youth and older people through intergenerational collaboration, public policies, and programs for the enduring benefit of all.” 

They believe that “grandparents and other adults who step forward to raise children are keeping families together and providing an economic service to our country,” according to the GU website.
Moe Dozier, vice president for programs at MCH, said the Grandparents As Parents Program (GAPP) at MCH has seen a lot of growth in the last couple of years so MCH felt it was a good time to join a national organization that also supports grandparents.

“We want to move toward a more evidence-based approach to GAPP and see what others in the field are doing as we continue to grow our program,” Dozier said.

MCH also joined the National Foster Parent Association, a non-profit organization that supports foster, adoptive and kinship parents nationally. The mission of NFPA is “to support foster parents in achieving safety, permanence and well-being for the children and youth in their care.”

Dozier said MCH has a broad continuum of care through our programs and services so we want to connect to various organizations who specialize in the specific needs of each type of family we serve.

“There is a lot happening at the national and state levels so we want to be members of organizations who will connect us to the latest information on legislation and changes in the field,” he said.

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