Thursday, February 18, 2016

MCHS hosts Multicultural Fair

Students at the Methodist Children’s Home Charter School held a school-wide Multicultural Fair on Feb. 5. Both middle and high school students collaborated to transform a classroom into a cultural adventure showing displays, banners and flags to represent different countries.

“I really liked how this all came together. It was amazing,” said Carmen Rojas, MCHS teacher. “I got the idea from a school where I did my field experience in college. We picked countries from the curriculum we have been studying.”

For the fair, students created displays about Italy, Germany, Ethiopia, the Philippines, and France. Displays showed maps of the country’s landmarks and examples of cultural interests such as clothing, music, food and other customs.

Throughout the day, classes came through and were given passport books to write down what they learned about each country.

“I hope our students will learn about tolerance and the appreciation of other cultures,” added Rojas. “I think it is a valuable lesson for everyone and the students did a great job.”

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