Friday, May 20, 2016

One Act Play competes at state and district competitions

Methodist Children’s Home School (MCHS) students can take a bow after impressive performances at district and state competitions this spring. The One Act Play cast received several awards for the performance of “Indoor/Outdoor,” a sentimental comedy written by Kenny Finkle.

The play is about a cat named Samantha, played by Skylar, who is adopted by her new owner Shuman, played by Ben. At first, everything is going well, but soon Samantha begins to wonder why Shuman doesn’t understand her. The relationship grows even more complicated when she meets an alley cat and begins to wonder if she is meant to be an indoor cat or outdoor cat.

The One Act Play cast has been rehearsing the play since January 2016. They are directed by Kira Rockwell, MCH recreation coordinator, who said she chose the play for her students due to its lovable characters and relatable message.

“The play is hysterical, but it has a beautiful overarching message of unconditional love and explores the principal of self-worth,” Rockwell said. “I wanted the students to have a show they could truly love to perform for people. I wanted them to be able to walk away knowing they told a great story.”

For the district competition on April 15, Ben received first place male actor overall for his role as “Shuman” and Skylar made the second all-star cast for her performance as “Samantha.” The play also received second place overall. At state competition on May 13-14, Skylar received first all-star cast, Ben was awarded second all-star cast, Josh was an honorable mention for his performance as the mouse, and D-Nayjah was recognized as an all-star tech.  

Rockwell said state was very competitive and she is very proud of the recognition they received as well as the hard work her students have put in throughout the semester. She said it was the first play for many of the students and they showed so much initiative learning lines, attending weekly rehearsals and supporting each other. The students completely run the entire show once performances begin including lights and sound.

”As a teacher, I love looking back at where we began, remembering all the small moments in between, and allowing myself to really value how far we came as a team,” she said. “It is truly incredible to be able to witness the individual growth the students make in all areas of their lives through the practice of theatre. And beyond that, the best part really is just being able to share my love of theatre with students who may have never known it was something they would enjoy. It is such a gift to be able to create something meaningful together.”   

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Marjorie said...

Job Well Done!!! Hats off to the entire Theatre group!! keep up the good work!!

Marjorie Parker