Tuesday, August 2, 2016

U.M. ARMY 2016

Several youth from Methodist Children’s Home (MCH) spent a week serving others in Bryan, Texas. Each summer, MCH partners with Kingwood UMC and United Methodist Action Reach-Out Mission by Youth (UMArmy) for hands-on mission projects.

UMArmy holds work camps with youth and adult volunteers. Work camps provide much-needed home repair assistance for people in need.  FUMC Bryan hosted the youth for the camp, which was themed “True Identity.”

“The focus was helping all of us to take a look at how our identity in Jesus impacts the actions in our lives, and in the lives that we touch,” said Ron Britton, MCH discipleship minister. “I think our youth saw what a difference they can make in the lives of others and in the world.”

MCH youth pushed through long hot days at three different locations to build a wheelchair ramp, an awning and a deck for their clients.

“The highlight this year was Client Night, where we eat and worship with the clients that we have been with all week,” said Britton. “One client was so moved by the service and the youth’s willingness to help others that he broke out and sang a hymn a capella. He said he was encouraged to see youth who loved Christ and were living out their faith.”

Noah, who lives at the Boys Ranch had this to share: “I enjoyed the prayer walks and having an opportunity to help others in need. I felt I grew spiritually because there was no judgment from others on how you worshipped and everyone accepted others as they were.”

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