Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Core Value Award for Relationships - Ramonia Ross

Methodist Children’s Home (MCH) annually recognizes staff who exemplify our Core Values. Staff are nominated by their peers and recognized at an all-staff meeting.

The Core Values for MCH are:
Christian Principles

Ramonia Ross, case manager for the MCH Family Outreach office in Houston, received the 2016 Core Award for Relationships at the all-staff meeting in September. The recipient for the Core Award for Relationships is someone who builds healthy relationships through communication, respect, trust and love.

According to Ross’s nomination, “Ramonia is an amazing individual who exemplifies all our core values in her daily life without even having to try. She has a beautiful spirit and is definitely a servant leader. She offers ‘service and hope’ to not only her clients, but to her co-workers and everyone who plays a role in ensuring that our office runs efficiently. She is genuinely kind, considerate, and compassionate to the maintenance workers in our building, cleaning crew, her clients, as well as each of her co-worker’s clients. Ramonia has a servant’s heart with a gleaming personality and Southern charm that shines a light on everything that she does and everyone who is blessed to come in contact with her. It is truly an honor having an opportunity to work with Ramonia. She always shines a light on those around her, and even if you have lost all hope, she manages to make you feel humbly blessed to know that there is always hope not matter what the situation. Ramonia takes the time to establish healthy relationships with every member of the families she works with through communication, respect, trust and love. Ramonia’s care and compassion for all around her is contagious and spreads a feeling of desire to take the extra step to help others. All of her clients easily develop a sense of trust with her because she allows them to gain a feeling of hope for their futures as well as the futures of the children that we all serve.”

“It was such a surprise and very much an honor to receive the Core Value Award for Relationships,” said Ross. “I love being a part of MCH and what we represent as an agency. I am also very blessed to be a part of the Houston Outreach office. It is my home away from home, and the respect and support we have for each other plays a vital part in how we function as a team. I am truly grateful for my seven years with the agency and hope to experience many more.”

Veronica Whalon-Peters, of MCH Family Outreach in Houston, and Ross’s supervisor, had this to share: “Ramonia has been a pleasure to work with. She genuinely cares for children and families and constantly supports the MCH mission. She exemplifies the MCH Core Values in her daily work and interactions with everyone.”  

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