Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Youth play special roles in worship service

Youth at Methodist Children’s Home (MCH) have the opportunity to participate in worship services expressing their talents through song and dance.

The Spiritual Development staff work each week with youth who want to learn more about their God-given talents and how to channel these gifts in a positive way. These youth express their faith through praise dance, music, worship art and some also attend weekly Bible studies.

On Dec. 11, the Praise Team led the service by reading Scripture, interpreting Scripture through praise dance, and celebrating the birth of Christ through song.

“This was a wonderful community experience,” said Ahmad Washington, spiritual development minister. “The youth performing did a great job of communicating the message of the season as well as being supportive of their peers and enjoying the service.”

Youth who are part of the Praise Team run their own practices with staff assistance. The youth also choreograph the dances.

“This allows youth to have leadership roles,” added Washington. “It also helps teach youth how to be part of the process of a worship service and it being all that God wanted it to be.”

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