Friday, December 22, 2017

Core Value Award for Growth- Morgan Lyons

Methodist Children’s Home (MCH) annually recognizes staff who exemplify our Core Values. Staff are nominated by their peers and recognized at an all-staff meeting.

The Core Values for MCH are:
Christian Principles

Morgan Lyons, unit manager, received the 2017 Core Award for Growth at the all-staff meeting this fall. The recipient for the Core Award for Growth is someone who provides opportunities for spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual development.

According to her nomination, Lyons has displayed notable growth in her ability to work in the shift work model with young men from challenging circumstances. She has established connections with diverse families, probation officers and CPS caseworkers. She has developed a keen ability to meet families where they are, while also honing her professional skills. Morgan’s growth has recently been evident as she has provided extended coverage of other home units with special needs youth as well as in the basic care model.

Lyons is also sought out for committees because she brings such a valued perspective gained from her time at MCH. Her desire to learn and grow never ceases as she frequently seeks to better understand and support youth in her care and staff under her supervision. She is also working toward her Childcare Administrator’s License – a big commitment of discipline and growth in and of itself.

According to Erica Reyes-Rosas, associate administrator for the Waco campus, “Morgan has a desire to see her peers grow as well and she often takes a mentoring role with new unit managers. She is valued and appreciated for her commitment to growth and her commitment to the agency.”

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