Monday, January 22, 2018

Locals Love Us Detailed Voting Instructions

Locals Love Us is a local company that provides a way for people to safely and fairly vote online for their "most loved" places in town. Favorite businesses and organizations earn recognition through the voting process and are published through the annual Local Love Us directory and on a comprehensive website that breaks down votes by category and voter demographics. 

Voting is easy! Just follow this link or go to .

Upon following the link, you'll be prompted to select your community in the drop down menu. 

After selecting "Waco" at the bottom of the page, click vote below the gold icon. 

If you have previously voted on the Locals Love website you will then be prompted to sign in. 

If this is your fist time voting you will be prompted to register. 

Please note that registering is completely secure. Registering provides a way to confirm that you are a part of the Waco community. This step also allows for safe and fair voting. 

After registering, you will be taken to your profile page.This 
page will ask for basic information.

Please note that you have the option to check or uncheck the
VP Status Box which will save your information for next year. 

Before clicking on Save and Go Vote, please verify your profile. You will be prompted at the top of your screen. You can select to verify your profile by phone or by text.

Unlike most online surveys, Locals Love Us will only allow one ballot per person. Phone number verification is how they make that happen. It is promised that they will only use your phone number for this call or text, whichever method you select.

Once you are registered you are free to vote for Methodist Children’s Home! Click Save and Go Vote in orange.  

To vote for Methodist Children's Home, click on the 
Services category, the 8th category from the top in the Sections bar. 

On the second page you will find Charitable/Community Services. In the open box below Charitable/Community Services type in Methodist Childrens Home.   

Once you see the orange remove button to the right of your vote, you can rest assured that your vote for Methodist Children’s Home has been submitted!

Locals Love Us has many categories to vote for. Feel free to vote for your favorite locals in the poll, just as you voted for MCH. Please know that you do not have to vote for anything beyond MCH to complete the voting process. 

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