Friday, October 16, 2009

Discovering His Strengths

The following story was written by Chris, a Ranch resident, and shared at the annual Commissioners Meeting in October of 2009.

I remember when I first stepped into the Ag classroom, the frustration I had at the world and at myself. I wasn’t interested in this, and it seemed like I wasn’t good at anything I tried. I couldn’t weld, I couldn’t cut metal, I couldn’t do anything.

Then one day, Mr. Kuretsch and Mr. Kruse had an idea. They pulled me over and asked me if I would cut out this pattern with the scroll saw. As I presented my finished work, a small smile appeared on Mr. Kuretsch’s face. I went on to build one “fine fishing rod holder.” It seemed like as I added on to it, pieces of my anger, hate and frustration left to be forever embedded in that wood.

When I was finished, my confidence increased and I went on to build many nice and honest woodworkings. I broadened my horizons from plumbing to wiring to fixing dry wall, and I even became a pretty good welder.That is what FFA is all about. People think it is just for certain people, but it is for everyone.

It calls people to broaden their horizons and discover their talents and interests. This year, we integrated the Ranch and campus schools together which has offered these FFA opportunities to others who, like myself, never thought they could do these things. Now they are discovering their own talents and interests.

The Ag program offers a variety of FFA-based classes such as animal sciences, metal fabrication, woodworking and several others. We also show animals such as hogs, goats, steers, heifers and lambs in different fairs and shows. I have been privileged to show my lamb, Potato, in the Heart of Texas Fair this year.

With all these opportunities, everyone has a chance to be able to discover their talents, gain self-confidence, and become someone. I would be a completely different person if it were not for the Ranch and Mr. Kuretsch and Mr. Kruse who didn’t give up on me even when I gave up on myself.


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