Friday, October 23, 2009

Heart of Texas Fair

If you were around the Boys Ranch or Waco campus last week, you probably heard about the 2009 Heart of Texas Fair. This year, youth entered projects in the fair through both 4H and FFA. From creating cakes, photos, fire-pits and toy boxes to showing hogs, steers, lambs and goats, our youth were excited to showcase their talents.

Here are a few photos from the show and information about how our youth placed. Feel free to leave comments (even if they are anonymous) and we will pass on your congratulations to our youth!

Javen, 10th place (Category - AOB)
Markies, 11th place (Category - Chianina)
Clifton, 11th place (Category - AOB)

Jose, 4th place (Category - Chianina)
Tyler, 1st place (Category - Chianina)

Goat Show
Linda, exhibited
Sarah, exhibited
Kandaja, exhibited
Ashley, exhibited
Kat, exhibited

Hog Show
Jocolby, 2nd place (Category - Black OPB)
Jon, 4th place (Category - Black OPB)
Hayden, 3rd place (Category - Black OPB) and 4th place (Category - Hampshire)
Trent, 1st place (Category - Black OPB) and 6th place (Category - Hampshire)(
James, 5th place (Category - Hampshire)
Stuart, 6th place (Category - Yorkshire)

Lamb Show
Ryan, 8th place (Category - Southdown)
Dion, 7th place (Category - Southdown)
Mario, 6th place (Category - Southdown)
Dylan, exhibited
Chris, exhibited
Clayton, exhibited

Ag Mechanics
3rd place overall in Sweepstakes
1st place and division champion – trailer
1st place and division champion – bbq pit
2nd place and reserve division champion – folding stool
Red award – can crusher in yard convenience
Blue award – gun rack in woodworking
Red award – toy box in woodworking
Red award – cedar clock in woodworking
White award – cedar lamp in electrical

Other Projects
Clayton, 2nd place (Category- Decorated cakes)
David, 3rd place (Category - Photography)
Nick, 2nd place (Category - Photography)
Sam, Honorable Mention (Category - Photography)
Nick, Honorable Mention (Category - Art)
Hayden, Honorable Mention (Category - Photography)

Congratulations to all our students who participated in the Heart of Texas Fair! And special recognition goes to the first Waco campus youth to show animals through FFA. You girls did a wonderful job with your goats and we are proud of you! We apologize to any students who were left out. If you notice someone is missing, let us know.

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