Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Waco Transit Scavenger Hunt

Our staff and homeparents are always looking for fun and innovative ways to prepare our youth for the real world. One of our Waco campus home units recently planned an outing to teach their girls how to use the Waco Transit Bus system. The staff knew that learning how to ride the bus and find the correct route is an important skill. So, on a warm Saturday morning the staff and girls woke up early and headed outside to wait at the bus stop for the Waco Transit to arrive and pick them up for a scavenger hunt across the city.

One thing that made this scavenger hunt unique was that all of the stops were useful places that the girls would need to know how to find. Some of the stops included the grocery store, hospital emergency room, shopping mall and even a car dealership. At each of the stops the girls were given a practical assignment to complete before moving on. For example, at the car dealership, the girls had to learn more about buying a first car and all the expenses it involves.

Here are some photos from the Waco Transit Scavenger Hunt.

The trip provided a great way for our youth to learn more about life outside of Methodist Children's Home. In fact, the girls had so much fun they even suggested taking the bus for future outings instead of the MCH van! Way to go Perkins Home! Special thanks to Erica Reyes-Rosas for this story and photos.

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