Thursday, December 15, 2011

Staff Award for Growth

Methodist Children’s Home recognizes staff who have demonstrated our core values in their work with our youth and families. The following is an excerpt from the nomination of Suzanne Frerich for the Growth core value award. Suzanne is a unit manager on the Waco campus.

"Suzanne is a self-starter and very organized. She has an excellent working knowledge of our strength-based approach and she has strong relationships with both her staff and the youth and families she serves. One of the core values at MCH is growth. Part of our mission is to provide opportunities for spiritual, physical and emotional development. One such opportunity is the Shepherd of the Ozarks Leadership Conference. Suzanne has organized and facilitated the conference for our youth since December 2008. She attends the conference with our youth as well as being a sponsor during our senior trips. She has assumed this responsibility in addition to her regular duties. Suzanne is always willing to go the extra mile."

Suzanne shared the following about receiving the Growth core value award:

I was very surprised about being recognized. It is rewarding to see our youth grow and mature in a positive way. I enjoy the feeling I get when youth amaze me with their knowledge, talent and kindheartedness.

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