Friday, December 9, 2011

Staff Award for Hope

Methodist Children’s Home recognizes staff who have demonstrated our core values in their work with our youth and families. The following is an excerpt from the nomination of Jerri Melonson Givens for the Hope core value award. Jerri is a caseworker in the Houston outreach office.

“For the past year, Jerri has been working with one of our youth who is aging out of care and having difficulties in the transition. As many of us can attest, 17 is a hard age and can take a few challenging detours. As Jerri has worked with this youth she has maintained a positive attitude and a belief in the value of each youth having someone determined to see them succeed. She is committed to walking with this youth at one of the most critical times in their lives, transitioning to independence.”

Jerri shared the following about receiving this award and working for MCH:

I am very appreciative of the award and delighted to be recognized. I would like to thank my co-workers. I could not give 100 percent without their assistance. I have a strong desire to make a difference with children and families and everyone works hard to offer hope to them. I will continue to do the best I can. Thank you!

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