Thursday, May 30, 2013

2013 Charter School Awards

Many MCH students were recognized for their perseverance and accomplishments during the 2013 University of Texas – University Charter School Awards Assembly on May 28. Students were given certificates, plaques, letter jackets, patches and shirts for their academic achievements as well as for their participation in Ag Mechanics/FFA and athletics.

Below is a list of several recipients:

Honor Roll: Cameron, Mauricia, Wilmaniece, Noel
UIL: Alice, Crystal, Ahadu, Connor, Andrew, Emily, Rachael, Hannah, Martha, Noel
Student Council: Crystal, Tino, Dominique, Lloyd, Lonnie
FFA: Noel, Kevin, James, Jon, Amber, Maleak, Chelsey, Lloyd
Art: Marvin (Ambitious Artist – Middle School), Chelsea (Visual Artist – High School), Guillermo (Ambitious Artist – High School),Rachael (Tenacious Artist – High School), Juanita (Visual Artist – Middle School), Maegan (Tenacious Artist – Middle School)

Proficiency Awards:
Ag Mechanics Design and Fabrication – Molech
Ag Mechanics Repair and Maintenance – Lonnie
Beef Production – Lloyd
Goat Production – Patricia
Star Discovery – Maleak
Vegetable Production – Brandon
Swine Production – Guillermo
Diversified Livestock – Amber
Ranch Belt Buckles:
Cattle – Jon
Swine – Guillermo
Goat – Patricia

Bobby Gilliam Leadership in Athletics Awards:  Emily and Ty
JV Volleyball: Most Improved - Bianka, MVP - Tameeka
Varsity Volleyball: Most Improved – Tiffany, MVP – Emily
Cross Country: Most Improved – Connor, MVP – Tino
JV Football: Most Improved – Jakeema, MVP – James
Varsity Football: Most Improved – Moises, MVP – Dalton
JV Boys Basketball: Most Improved – Cameron, MVP – Stanley
Varsity Boys Basketball: Most Improved – Tyrone, MVP – Jordan and CJ
Varsity Girls Basketball: Most Improved – Ashley, MVP – Taylor
Boys Track: Most Improved – Maleak, MVP – Dennis
Girls Track: Most Improved – Jackie, MVP -  Dominique
Cheer: Most Improved – Vanessa, MVP – Makayla

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